Can't Decide on an Eye Makeup Look? Take This Quiz!

Can't Decide on an Eye Makeup Look? Take This Quiz!

Confused about what look to give your peeps? Zeenat Jaffer gives you a simple quiz to solve all dilemmas

They say the eyes are the window to your soul; by that algorithm – your eye look is the perfect window dressing. From simple winged liner to a sexy, smokey eye to wild and crazy colours and iridescent opals – there are a million different looks depending on your mood, but which one truly matches your personality and your soul?
Celebrity makeup artist Zeenat J of Z Haus by Zeenat tells you more about Eye Looks and what they say about you. Also, this nifty quiz will help you find out which one is the perfect look for you.

So let’s get started! Grab a pen and paper and note down the letter that best suits you for each question.

1. It’s a Thursday night, where do you find you and your girls?
A) At the most exclusive private club in the most exclusive hotel in the city.
B) Under the stars, dancing the night away to some desi music!
C) Thursday nights are for Art Gallery openings and experimental food experiences
D) Watching Netflix in your pyjamas dreaming of Mr. Right
E) Watching an interpretive dance number at the Dubai Opera 

2. You receive an invitation that says: ‘Dress code – dress to impress.’ How do you respond?
A) Push up bra under a tight red barely-there dress.
B) A bright and colourful sari with bling and a next-to-nothing blouse
C) White shirt, dark jeans, sensible heels.
D) A cute yet understated desi number in a nude or blush pink colour
E) An avante-garde dress that hasn’t even hit the Paris runway yet.

3.  Your lipstick is:
A) The kind of nude you can only get from concealer and a top coat.
B) Bright red or bright pink without any lip-liner!
C) Light brown or red, clean, taken a lot of time to put on.
D) If you put any on, it’s conservative and understated.
E) Electric blue or black with all kinds of glitters

4. You’re in a crowded room filled with people: where would you be found?
A) In the VIP section darling
B) Heels in your hands, bag thrown in a corner somewhere, doing the Macarena
C) Doing the obligatory rounds, shaking hands with every person graciously and thanking them for coming
D) In the corner hiding and hating yourself for not being on your sofa.
E) Not there because you’re at a much cooler underground party

5. You’re at a trendy new restaurant and – what do you order?
A) Chocolate covered strawberries, that you lick conspicuously
B) Butter chicken with a side of French fries
C) Something sensible that goes with your diet. No carbs or oil!
D) The safest thing you can find – probably daal chawal
E) The most experimental, weird and interesting thing on the menu

6. You’ve found the perfect dress, but it’s way too expensive. What do you do?
A) Boyfriend’s credit card
B) Divide into your many credit cards
C) You have enough money in the bank to get it for yourself.
D) It’s not too expensive because you budgeted perfectly for this.
E) Take a picture of it and then head to Satwa, you know the best Master Jee for the job!

All done? Great, now look at the majority of your answers and continue below.

If you chose mostly A’s your perfect eye-look is…
Smokey & Sultry!
You walk into a room and all eyes are you. You’ve perfected the sexy strut and have the goods for it - go on with your bold sexy self!
The best eyeshadow palette for you is:
Obsessions Smokey Eyeshadow Palette by Huda Beauty. The perfect palette with everything from darks to nudes and touches of golds and silvers for those special occasions

If you chose mostly B’s your perfect eye-look is…
Wild & Bright!
You are that girl who likes her music loud and her eye-looks even louder! Never one to shy away from being the centre of attention, others’ world may be black or white but yours is a rainbow! 
The best eyeshadow palette for you is:
MAC Cicero Full Face Kit/El Seed. A collaboration between the legendary brand and grafitti artist El Seed, the MAC El Seed Palette has the brightest blues and pinks, as if inspired by the streets of Morocco and Bombay put together!

If you chose mostly C’s your perfect eye-look is…
Bold Winged Eyeliner!
You are no longer a little girl, you know what you like and you go out and get it. You are bold, independent, strong yet simple. Like your relationships, you prefer things clean instead of complicated.
The best eyeshadow palette for you is:
NARS Skin Deep Eyeshadow Palette. The perfect blend of soft nudes and browns to be the perfect backdrop to the perfectly constructed winged liner.
Also try, HINDASH X WOW By Wojooh – Extreme Wear Eyeliner. At just Dhs 85 it’s a steal that keeps giving. Since it was designed by Dubai-based Makeup Artist HINDASH, it’s perfectly made for our skin.

If you chose mostly D’s your perfect eye-look is…
Nude & Prude!
You shy away from the crowds and droves of people, instead you prefer to keep it clean and minimal. IF you must wear makeup, it is always the basics. That why…
The best eyeshadow palette for you is:
Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette is the first and last eyeshadow palette you will ever need. It has everything from beiges to blacks, and so many reds, browns and even a gray-blue for when you want to go crazy. The best thing? All the colours are cool-toned, perfect to compliment warm desi complexions.

If you chose mostly E’s your perfect eye-look is…
Out of this world!
When people are just starting to wear lipgloss again on their lips, you’re already wearing them on your eyes straight from the runways of Paris Fashion Week! You do not do things according to the norm and we love you for it!
The best eyeshadow palette for you is:
Pat McGrath Labs Mothership V Eyeshadow Palette in Bronze Seduction has a selection of out of this world multidimensional, luminescent shades that are a dream come true!

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