Cannes 2019: No Women in Delegation This Year?
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Cannes 2019: No Women in Delegation This Year?

In Cannes 2019, there will apparently be no women in the delegation this year from India

The political culture of sucking up to power has landed two of the Bollywood’s government with a posh place among the exclusive delegates heading to the prestigious Cannes film festival this month.

Director Rahul Rawail suddenly finds himself flooded with important positions in government-sponsored delegations and film festivals. Barely had Rahul Rawail finished heading the jury for the National awards than he is off to Cannes as part of a 4-member all-male delegation.

Even more surprising is the inclusion of Madhur Bhandarkar in the delegation. During the past one year Bhandarkar has become a recognizable face  in the I & B Ministry.

A livid member of the BJP who is known to be a kind of cultural ambassador for the Party is not willing to take this farcical representation of Indian cinema lying down.

“Rahul Rawail and Madhur Bhandarkar,” the source from the Party screams.  “Is the I & B ministry serious? What is their qualification for  representing us at the most prestigious film festival in the world? Rawail has not directed a film in years. But at least he has made acclaimed films in the past. What about Bhandarkar? His only claim to such an honour is his proximity to the I & B Minister. Everybody in Delhi knows Bhandarkar spends a whole lot of time in Delhi doing nothing except sitting in the I & B minister’s chamber.”

This well-placed source wonders what kind of an image India would be representing at Cannes this year. “Not a single woman in the delegation to Cannes this year, when the world over, women directors are being feted and honoured at festivals. What do we have to show to the world? Rahul Rawail and Madhur Bhandarkar? There are so  many far more deserving directors of both the genders who could have gone.”

The angry source concedes the other two members of the Cannes delegation are the saving grace. “Prasoon Joshi and (filmmaker) Shahji Karun  will balance out the imbalance created by the presence of the other two members of the Cannes delegation. But nothing can rectify the damage done to Indian cinema on the global platform by sending two undeserving delegates.”

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