Cannes 2019: British Director Stopped From Entering Premises Due to Infant
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Cannes 2019: British Director Stopped From Entering Premises Due to Infant

At Cannes 2019, British director and new mum Greta Bellamacina was stopped from entering due to being with her four month old son

Cannes Film Festival is currently under way in Cannes, France. Booked from 14 to 25 May 2019, the most critically acclaimed and independent voices in cinema will be recognized at the film festival including a glamorous red carpet which is supposed to be a privilege for many. Bollywood actresses such as Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra would also make an appearance this year whereas Nandita Das' 'Manto' was screened at the festival. Last year Pakistani actress Mahira Khan walked the red carpet as well making her the first Pakistani to walk the red carpet. The festival is said to provide a platform for up and coming artists as well as voices who are making a difference in cinema. This year, Jim Jarmusch's comedy 'The Dead Don't Die' opened the festival, however, life imitated art as British director Greta Bellamacina, whose film was based around a single mother, was outraged due to the 'backwards attitude' of the festival.

The festival reportedly refused her child entry to the festival site. She was later asked to pay 300 euros (about 1200 AED) for a pass. The administration then told her that it would take two days for her to get the pass and she was asked to leave. Bellamacina's film 'Hurt by Paradise' was going to be screened there and the director was very excited earlier, as she had tweeted two days ago saying, "Excited to be taking my feature film #HurtByParadise to Cannes Film Festival this year. See you soon".

According to a report in Guardian, Bellamacina issued a statement saying, “I’m outraged at the absurdity of this backwards attitude,” Bellamacina said in a statement. “As if female film-makers needed further obstacles to equality in our industry. Ironically, my film is about a young single mother trying to balance her life as a writer,” she further stated. “She is treated quite patronisingly in some scenes in the film, but never as rudely as I was treated as a mother at the film festival today.” The Guardian report further states that this incident is right at the heels of a new initiative at Cannes and Marche du Film, which "intended to make it easier for those with young children to attend the festival".

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