Can Kapil Sharma’s Show Make a Comeback?

Can Kapil Sharma’s Show Make a Comeback?

Family Time with Kapil is undergoing a revamp say sources
Can Kapil Sharma’s Show Make a Comeback?

Picture  abhi baqi hai,mere dost. That  could well be Kapil Sharma’s signature theme. For those eager to write him off, there  is  news. Kapil Sharma’s  new badly-received  show Family Time  With Kapil  is not going  off air permanently. It is  only in the  process  of a major revamp.

According to  a source  very close  to the development, “Kapil was  unhappy with the way the show shaping up. He kept telling his team. ‘Kuch mazaa nahin aa raha hai’. It came to a  point  where  Kapil was  losing interest  in what he was  doing. This is when he  decided to call it  off.”

Family Time With Kapil, the show that hangs suspended, would now  return in a new revamped  and far  more viewer-friendly avatar.

Says  a source close  to this dramatic  development,  “Kapil  was not happy with what he was  shooting. He didn’t feel the same kick shooting the  new game-show that he did when he  shot  Comedy Nights and The Kapil Sharma Show. The spark was  missing. He kept saying,  ‘Yaar kuch mazaa nahin aa raha hai’. Until it came to a point where he just gave up. He decided to take  a  break to do some serious re-think.”

While Kapil and creative think-tank are re-designing  the show, Sony Entertainment  is  behind Kapil. Breaking  his silence  Kapil said  to me, “The  people  who want my career  destroyed can spread whatever lies they want. I am okay with it. I  am not  new to  people piggyriding on my success.  Let them .As long as  it gives them the satisfaction that they want. I  know  what I am  doing. And my channel Sony Entertainment are completely behind him. Sony’s  helmers Mr N P Singh and Mr Danish Aslam are the most supportive  people I’ve worked with . They believe in me.”

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