Camilla Parker Once Said That Kate Middleton Was "Too Pedestrian"
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Camilla Parker Once Said That Kate Middleton Was "Too Pedestrian"

Prince Charles' wife Camilla Parker never found Kate Middleton fit to marry into the Royal Family

The British Royal family has modernized with time and has become more accepting than in the past. Gone are the days when the Royals would prefer marrying within the royal families worldwide. Now love comes before everything. These examples can be seen all over the royal family now. Whether it is Prince Charles marrying Camilla Parker Bowles despite all the opposition or Prince Harry marrying the divorcee and biracial American Meghan Markle it is love that supersedes any royal binaries these days. Although these commoners married into the royal family do follow the royal protocol later but their social status is not the hindrance at the time of the marriage.

Kate Middleton, the future queen consort and the wife of Prince William, comes from an upper middle class British family. However, it is basically a family of coal miners. Her mother Carole Middleton was a flight attendant in the past. The family worked hard to reach where they are today but they do not have a lineage to sport like the Royals. Kate Middleton’s family background was a concern for the royal family especially Prince William’s stepmother Camilla Parker. She believed that Kate was ‘too commoner’ or ‘too pedestrian’ to adapt into the royal family. Camilla believed that she was better than her daughter-in-law(she never think high of Prince Charles’ first wife Diana too.)

According to Christopher Anderson, the author of Game of Crowns, Camilla Parker was behind William and Kate’s breakup I 2007 as well. Their breakup had come as a shock to most of the royal fans who thought that William is about to propose his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton. Camilla, despite being a commoner, felt proud of her great grandmother Alice Keppel who was the mistress of Edward VII. Camilla was always proud of this connection and boasted of it. Although Kate Middleton comes from working class family, by the time she went to school she had the privilege of attending the best private schools and the university Prince William went to.

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