Camilla Parker and Prince Charles: The Longest Secret Affair in the British Royal Family
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Camilla Parker and Prince Charles: The Longest Secret Affair in the British Royal Family

Camilla Parker and Prince Charles remain one of the longest secret affairs in the British Royal Family. They married separate people until they reunited at last

Camilla Parker, who was once the most hated woman in Britain, is today the Duchess of Cornwall and the future queen consort of England. Since Prince Charles’ ex-wife Lady Diana was greatly loved by the public, it was hard for them to accept any other woman in her place. Camilla was always pictured as the bad woman who broke two homes: her own and Diana’s. In the 90s the things were even harsher. Even after Diana’s death in a car accident, this perception did not change. Charles and Camilla got married much later after the death of Diana.

Charles did marry the sweet innocent nineteen-year-old Diana in a fairytale wedding but he could never get Camilla out of his heart. The couple met for the first time in 1971 and Charles was smitten as soon as he saw Camilla. They spent loving time at polo matches and also went for a secret holiday once.

However, Charles joined the Royal Navy and Camilla reunited with her former boyfriend Andrew Parker Bowles (who had also remained Princess Anne’s boyfriend for some time.) Apparently, this seems to be the only reason for them not marrying despite their love and fondness for each other. The real reason was much different.

The Palace did not consider Camilla a suitable candidate for marrying the future king of England.  She was termed ‘not the marriage material’ by the Royal family. According to Charles’ great grand uncle Lord Mountbatten, ‘"I believe in a case like yours, the man should sow his wild oats and have as many affairs as he can before settling down but for a wife he should choose a suitable, attractive and sweet-character girl before she has met anyone else she might fall for.’ This tells a lot about why Charles chose to marry Diana over Camilla Parker who continued to remain the center of his life even after the marriage.

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