‘By Coming to my Party, They Made the Day Special’: Manisha Koirala on Turning 48

‘By Coming to my Party, They Made the Day Special’: Manisha Koirala on Turning 48

From Shah Rukh Khan to her first co-star Vivek Mushran, everyone turned up for Manisha Koirala’s birthday party
‘By Coming to my Party, They Made the Day Special’: Manisha Koirala on Turning 48
Manisha Koirala

On August 16 Manisha Koirala turned 48. She  says she has never felt better. “I had a party at the Taj Lands End (Mumbai)  on my birthday and all my old friends  from the film industry, people with whom I haven’t worked  for years and years, they  all  came. There was Rekhaji, stunning as ever. She lit up my birthday with her presence and blessings. Sanjay Leela Bhansali who hardly socializes made it a point to be there for my special day,” exults  Manisha after a night of intense partying.

What  made her  truly happy was  the  presence of her entire team from her debut film.  “It seems  like yesterday when  I made my acting debut in Saudagar. And now  my director Subhash Ghai, my leading man Vivek Mushran, my co-stars and dear friends Jaggu dada (Jackie Shroff) and Gulshan Arora,  they  all showed  up. Shah Rukh  made it a point to come.”

It gratified  Manisha to know that there was  still so much goodwill for her in the film industry.  “At the end what do we have except the goodwill that we’ve earned? I’m glad  I am still thought of with affection by  colleagues whom  I haven’t worked with for so many years.  By coming to  my party they  made the day special.”

Manisha’s parents were in Mumbai for  the celebration, but not her brother. “I really missed Siddharth and his wife, my Bhabhi on this occasion. Someone had to stay back in Nepal to look after our interests there. Siddharth’s son who is 10 now, is absolutely my darling. I love my nephew like my own child.”

While all her friends enjoyed themselves, Manisha remained stone-sober. “I’ve given up alcohol completely after  my illness. I lead a very regimented life. And no breaks from the  disciplined routine,” Manisha reminds herself.

She is now in the process of completing her  book on health  and  fitness. “I’ve planned two books. One a memoir which I will write later. Right now I’ve just completed a book on fitness and health based on my experiences (with ill-health). It’s now gone to the publisher and should be out by December.”

Manisha  is now looking at quality rather than quantity in  her career and personal life. “I’d rather  stay single than end up in a compromised relationship. Likewise I’d rather not act for some months than do the wrong kind of films. I’ve so much else to do  apart  from acting. I love to travel and  I will be doing just that later this year. Right now I’ve just had Sanju released and it’s been so well received. I  also got immense appreciation for my story in Lust Stories.”

Manisha just said  no to a web series  after saying yes. “Initially it seemed all okay. But then I had misgivings so I opted  out. It’s better not to do the work I’m not  fully convinced  about.”