B-Towners' New Year's Resolution: Here's What Our Favourite Celebs Have Planned For 2019

New Year, new me… we know, that’s so cliche but let’s face it: This is the time of year everyone is making resolutions for the year ahead. Bollywood celebrities have let the world know their New Year resolutions. From Ranveer Singh to Salman Khan, here's what the B-Towners have in mind for 2019.

1. Ranveer Singh

Deepika Padukone posted a picture on Instagram on New Year's and husband, Ranveer Singh couldn't keep calm so he went ahead and left a comment on what his New Year Resolution for 2019 should be and we can't stop smiling! Take a look at the post and comment here: 

2. Aamir Khan

With as many as 5 resolutions this year, the actor wants to make the most his 2019. From getting back to the shape to make the best film of his career, Aamir plans to change the course of his personal and professional life. Wishing his fans a very happy new year he listed down his resolutions.

3. Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor kept his fans in mind while making his New Year resolution.

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Rolling my sleeves up & looking straight at you 2019 !!! 2018 is done and here we go 2019... thank you for teaching me so much 2018 I will never be the same again... the highs & lows the good & the bad it all taught me one thing life is more about living in the present being happy grateful & enjoying what I have worked so hard for... my family has been so amazing they give me strength, my friends as always have stood by me no mater what, the media has been gracious & understanding & my fans have given me the strength needed to fall 7 times & get up 8 because that’s life. Promise to be more active & interactive with all of you in the coming year...enjoy the holidays wish u a happy new year everyone be safe & be happy... - @rohanshrestha

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4. Salman Khan 

Salman has promised to focus the following year on his fitness and fulfil his mother's wish and this is what the actor had to say - 

"Four days ago, my mother told me that now this four-pack body will not be enough and she asked me ‘what is your resolution for next year’ so, I told her ‘nothing’ then, she told me ‘you have to achieve six-pack body’ so now that means, I have to be disciplined and I am doing that. I am going to the gym in the morning and evening. I run for one hour and control my food eating habits. She (mother) has told me to achieve six pack body which will be simple for me according to her and it is easy for me so, I am going to gift my six pack body to my mother on the new year".

5. Sonali Bendre

Sonali has done nothing but motivate and inspire us after she fought off cancer in 2018 and this is what she plans on doing in 2019, you go girl!