Brunch Review: Wild Thing Jungle Brunch at Barasti
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Brunch Review: Wild Thing Jungle Brunch at Barasti

A must-visit summer brunch!

This season Barasti has spiced things up a bit and turned around the theme of its chilled beach club, tapping into the wild, quite literally! The beach bar recently launched its new tropical themed summer tent, named The Lost World. They also introduced a new go-to brunch on the block, which is a fun affair held on Saturday afternoons. Having visited many brunches around town. we visited this one with regular expectations, but surprisingly, were in for a pleasant treat!

Tropical animals coo-ing and caa-ing into our ears as we walked into the tent, made sure we had our vibe set even before we entered the real deal! Soon as we entered, we were welcomed by all things Jungle! Think trees, make-belief wild animals and birds, tropical cocktails and scrumptious jungle food! Okay, not jungle food..but the lovely spread was set on a tropical themed display!

Brunch Review: Wild Thing Jungle Brunch at Barasti

Gorgeous George

Upon entering, we first met the big friendly gorilla, Gorgeous George (the one who had gone missing) and needless to say he was as cute as described to be! We were then welcomed to our high top table, surrounded by foodies and chilled party folk. Considering this brunch begins a little later than others, 2 pm to be precise, we picked our plates to head straight to the food. The live band playing reggae music, like Bob Marley classics, in the background, provided the perfect setting for an afternoon binge!

Just like the vibe, the food too was easy going and enjoyable, something you’d probably order in on a lazy Saturday anyway! With 4-5 different counters set up, there was a decent selection to choose from. We started with the succulent roast, and slowly moved our way toward the sliders and onion rings (a personal favourite). For those of you who prefer a heavier brunch, they also had Indian food on display, with classics like Butter Chicken and Biryani.

Once our tummies were satisfied, we headed to the bar, and slurped on the most amazing frozen Barasti cosmopolitans we had ever tasted! With a selection of a few cocktails and mocktails to choose from, we found ourselves ordering the cosmos on repeat! One too many later, the brunch ended at 5 pm, but we decided to stay on to experience the happy hour vibe. 

The star attraction of the evening after the brunch, was an invitation to the -16 degree Celsius ice lounge. Yes you heard that right! Upon buying selected beverages during the happy hour we were handed passes to this chilly room, with cool ice displays and pumped up party people in attendance! A fun experience to say the least.

Head to the Barasti brunch if you’re looking for a relaxed afternoon out, and wouldn’t mind the day drifting into a happening night (considering you’re not working the next day of course)! 

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