Brunch Review: Sloane's

The Friday brunch at Grosvenor House has some delightful seafood
Brunch Review: Sloane's

If you are the kind for whom Friday brunches mean a good mix of long, lazy eating and good conversations, then Sloane’s at Grosvenor House is a good bet. The all-new brunch focuses on seafood though the meats are equally delish. The ambiance is warm and welcoming with lovely views of the Marina (best enjoyed in the winters when you sit outside). The open kitchen is fabulous and it's a pleasure to see the friendly chefs cooking up a storm but frankly, as a space, the restaurant doesn’t have a special or distinct character than can be raved about. Nevertheless, for a foodie, there is enough in the menu to keep you satisfied. From salads to sushi to tandoori to grills and of course the wine and grape - there are some hits and misses but more importantly there is something for everyone. The predictability of the menu and the feeling of having 'seen there and eaten that' does rankle a bit but it's a minor quibble. 

As mentioned before, the seafood is taken rather seriously and everything from the Lobster Thermidor to the grilled prawns is exquisite.

The superb lobsters

Seafood displayed 

Similarly, the grills and roasts are just perfect with the right sauces to accompany each. However, the gems are in the unexpected quarters. For instance, the tiny nutella samosas peppered with a bit of sev, in the Indian segment are a delightful surprise. 

Nutella smeared samosas 

Or take the lemon butter sauce served with the gorgeous grilled lobsters – it added immensely to an already perfect dish. The sushi is fresh, the desserts are a delight (mostly Italian) and the grape list is satisfactory. Once again, the surprise elements and the genuinely warm service bring a smile to your face. So don’t be surprised if a sangria trolley comes right up to your table even as you are indulging in a large spread…you wouldn't want to say no to it! 

Who would say no to the beverages?

In a nutshell, it’s the minor details and not the major spread that make this brunch special. We would recommend this for a family day out given that there is a corner to keep the little ones busy with fun activities.