Anatolian cuisine at its best

Have you tried the Anatolian dish 'Cheese Pide', a quick bite prepared with Turkish bread with slow-cooked egg and melted butter? This is quite a famous dish on the streets of Turkey. If not, then the wait is over for that gastronomical experience! You could get the Turkish street food experience along with an array of Anatolian cuisine at The Rüya restaurant. The recently opened Rüya restaurant at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai Marina has everything 'Anatolian' one could ask for! For the uninitiated, Anatolia is a region in Turkey that has a cooking history of nearly 3000 years. 

While the range of starters include pides (Turkish bread), fried and grilled delicacies, the main course soothes the taste buds with a wholesome Anatolian platter that leaves you too full, yet feeling light in tummy! This Anatolian style brunch menu is created by executive chef Colin Clague who has not only researched the ingredients but also the authentic cooking method that uses clay pots. 

This Anatolian kitchen also has something lip-smacking for the vegetarians. 'Mucver - the Zucchini fritters', as it's named, is the best fried vegetarian dumplings you could experience at Rüya. Of course, there are options to choose from in the desserts buffet like the 'Revani & Honey', a traditional dessert with a sweet cake, honey clubbed with seasonal fruits. And you'll be amazed to spot the Anatolian rice pudding called 'Firin Sutlac'. It also has beverages from its iconic 360 degree bar.

Don't get surprised when the staff at the restaurant greet you with, say, the history of a particular dish apart from how it's being cooked. They have an extensive knowledge about various Anatolian dishes on the menu and that helps you select your menu. Not to forget, the Anatolian ambience that comprises the crockery, mainly made of of clay pots; there's live music with an inspiration from Anatolia with little blend of the House music. 

Carefully named Rüya, meaning ‘dream’ in Turkish, this is the place to be if you want to know more about Anatolian food. 

Opens from next Friday to Saturday (11 am to 4 pm). Prices start from 225Dhms per person for breakfast only. Reservations can be made by visiting or by calling +971 4 3999 123. 

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