Brunch Review: miX by Alain Ducasse

For those who want to party from day to night, this is one great ‘secret’ to unlock!
Brunch Review: miX by Alain Ducasse

Brunches in Dubai are exactly of two types – one, the family brunch which has great food, a lot of food, somewhat good music, plenty of space for the little ones to play around, activities for kids and a lazy, lazy vibe. The second type is the exact opposite – purely for adults who want to let their hair down on a Friday afternoon, has fabulous music that just drives you to the dance floor, have average to great food (frankly that’s a bonus) and an electric ambiance. The Secret Brunch at miX by Alain Ducasse clearly belongs to the latter category.

With a spectacular venue – the Emerald Palace Kempinski and its lush views of the Palm and the sea beyond – half the battle is already won. But what takes you aback is the sheer extravagance of the exercise. This is a party brunch at another level, one that starts off slowly and then ups the tempo as the hours go by.  Does it actually suit the ambiance of the rest of the hotel? We are not so sure, for the loud, cheery music, brightly lit restaurant and super causal vibe seems incongruent to the otherwise sedate and eye-poppingly lavish interiors of the Palace. 
But you won’t have much to complain once the show begins. International DJs Chris Metcalfe and DJ Joe Beck keep the rhythm going but they also have a very good live band including a vocalist, pianist, violnist and sax performing your popular, house numbers. It’s impossible to not get into the groove. Then then are other attractions like a blingy robot-man who come to your table to jazz up the proceedings and prompt you to shake a leg, a magician who entertains you with some awesome tricks and treats and an after-party that really heats up the scene post 4pm. Needless to say, the rather colourful and somewhat raucous crowd add immensely to the party feel.

Let the party begin 

The only slight disappointment? The menu! From salads to grills to roasts and desserts, there are options but nothing that stands out. We have seen that, been there and enjoyed them before. How about a few dishes at least that Alain Ducasse would be proud to flaunt? But for those who want to party from day to night, this is one great ‘secret’ to unlock!