Brunch Review: Eloquent Elephant, Taj Dubai

A hearty British meal that ticks all the boxes for a lovely afternoon
Brunch Review: Eloquent Elephant, Taj Dubai

A warning before you walk into Eloquent Elephant on a Friday for a brunch – ensure you are REALLY hungry. For, true to its name, the menu here is not for the calorie counters or those who love to pick on their plates. The Eloquent Elephant brunch doesn’t believe in doing things in half measures. The idea is to ensure you have a hearty weekend meal that you can relish for hours – so the drinks are customised, the meats are intense and the desserts are delicious. More importantly, it’s one of those brunches that just lets you be yourself, which makes it all the more fun on a lazy Friday afternoon.  

We knew we were in for a good time when we were welcomed with cocktails that had our names written on top. A special shout-out to a friendly service, there is nothing better to kick start a meal than with a ‘bespoke’ drink to make you feel special, right? 

Then the food comes to your table even as the music – from retro classics to current chartbusters - picks up the tempo. Served a la carte, you are pampered and while the menu isn’t elaborate like other brunches, each dish has a distinct appeal to it. So you have the range of classic British treats like smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (nothing new but very good), Fish and Chips (pretty good), Chicken Liver Paté served in an Indian-style iron pot (extremely yummy) to a range of other delicious grubs like Goat’s cheese tempura, Burrata (average), a phenomenal sausage and mushroom on Toast and much more.

The deserts make a decent finish to a good meal. The entire lunch from the start felt like a giant hug to one’s palate. The food isn’t ostentatious, as we said earlier, but it’s a great place for some gobble worthy grub and a memorable afternoon. The friendly servers read your mood well, so our suggestion is to leave it to them to decide and simply lie back, enjoy the music, indulge in the food and welcome the weekend!

INFO: Dhs 199 per person inclusive of soft beverages, Dhs 249 per person inclusive of soft beverages, hops, grapes & cocktails for the house package.