Breast cancer survivor Tahira Kashyap writes a heartfelt message to doctors

Breast cancer survivor Tahira Kashyap writes a heartfelt message to doctors

The writer took to Instagram to express her gratitude on National Doctor’s Day

Today, India celebrates National Doctor’s Day. The day was created in honour of the eminent physician, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy in order to celebrate medical professionals.

Writer and theatre director, Tahira Kashyap took to her Instagram to share a picture of her with the medical staff who cared for her during her breast cancer treatment. Tahira was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018. The mother of two was transparent about her experience with the illness and encourages women to stay alert in order to prompt early diagnosis. 

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Tahira wrote, “I never knew #doctorsday even existed earlier, but my recent health ordeal has made me value all of them so much! This picture is from the day of my 12th and last chemotherapy session! Can never forget the date. 5 January 2019.”

Feeling grateful, the writer in remission said, “The cotton swab on the shoulder blade is of the port. And the nurse in green is holding a box of chocolates that I had shared with them all, expressing my sincere gratitude! Big thank you to my doctors especially Dr Mandar Nadkarni. Had this covid situation not been there I would have paid a visit to the doctors and nurses with another box of chocolates who really take care of all of us!”

Concluding her post with a lighthearted joke she wrote, “No matter how many apples I have, I am never keeping the doctors away!”
Happy National Doctor’s Day to all those dedicating their lives to save others.

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