Bravo Neha Dhupia! Actress Hits Back at Portal That Fat Shamed Her
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Bravo Neha Dhupia! Actress Hits Back at Portal That Fat Shamed Her

Neha Dhupia isn’t the one to take insults lying down. Find out what she did

You can’t say anything to Neha Dhupia without getting a fierce reprisal. The feisty actress and anchor have hit back at a media organisation who had fat-shamed her saying that she has gained weight post her pregnancy. She posted a screenshot of the media house who called her overweight and posted a long statement saying that she doesn't want to fit into standards that are set out by media houses or the society.

She put the statement on her social media accounts. Here's her statement from Twitter below.

The statement fuelled an instant outrage on Twitter and celebrities lined up to support Neha. One of the first ones to support Neha Dhupia was Nimrat Kaur. This is what she tweeted.

Karan Johar also joined the chorus and expressed his support in favour of Neha.

Criticism of Bollywood celebrities during or after pregnancy is not a new thing in Bollywood, even Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan has been subjected to such criticism in the past. Neha Dhupia's statement again draws to the fact about how media houses hire journalists who are untrained to do the job and unable to adhere to minimum journalistic ethics.

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