Boney Kapoor Shares His Fondest Memories of Wife Sridevi
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Boney Kapoor Shares His Fondest Memories of Wife Sridevi

Sridevi’s 55th birthday was celebrated by her friends and family on 13th August. Although she is not in this world anymore, her memories and charm is immortal and will always surround her fans and family.

Sridevi’s death was one of the most shocking incidents of the Indian Film Industry. While the entire family was busy enjoying the wedding of their nephew Mohit Marwah in Dubai, Sridevi lost her balance during a shower in the hotel room and never breathed again. Her sudden death came as a shock not only for her family but for her colleagues and fans around the world. Sridevi married the producer Boney Kapoor and together they have daughters Jahnvi and Khushi Kapoor. It is unfortunate that the doting mother Sridevi was not there to see the debut of her daughter Jahnvi Kapoor in Dhadak.

Born on 13th August 1963, Sridevi would have celebrated her 55th birthday if she was alive. Her family and friends all over the world remembered Sridevi on her birthday and posted heartfelt messages on their social media.

Jahnvi Kapoor

Daughter Jahnvi Kapoor posted a heartfelt message for mother Sridevi on her birthday.

Manish Malhotra

A close friend and the ace designer Manish Malhotra posted a glamorous image of the icon wearing his clothes and holding a flower bouquet in hands.

Boney Kapoor shares his fondest memories with Sridevi

Sridevi and husband Boney Kapoor married each other despite all the odds and were hard to separate till she died. Her death completely changed Boney Kapoor and he can still not hold back his tears when he talks about her. In a recent interview, Boney Kapoor had a lot to share about his late wife.

Sridevi was a thorough professional

‘She was dedication personified. I worked with several actors. Due respect to all, everyone has been hardworking dedicated, but she was on a different level altogether. She was a legend in her lifetime and she remains a legend after she’s left us. She may have gone for the world but for us, she’s still here. She’s wishing us well.’

Sridevi was a foodie

Although everyone knows Sridevi as a fitness freak who was always conscious of her weight and appearance, her husband Boney Kapoor revealed that she was a foodie through and through. She loved South Indian cuisine and had a cook who made the hardcore South Indian food for her. Sridevi had a sweet tooth but immense self-control.

During the pregnancy, she splurged on milkshakes and ice-creams. Once a week, Sridevi also enjoyed cheat meals that were mostly Thai, Chinese and South Indian. She never took tea or coffee.

She gave up on Boney Kapoor’s eating habits

According to Boney Kapoor, he always had a sweet tooth and enjoys all kinds of foods. When Sridevi was pregnant, they would devour milkshakes and ice-creams together. ‘I had lost 14kgs when I was courting her. After marriage, when she was pregnant she used to having milkshakes and icecreams. She had a sweet tooth. I was also fond of icecreams, faloodas, and milkshakes. We used to go to all our favorite places.’

Being a foodie, Boney Kapoor couldn’t keep a check on his weight. After Sridevi’s death, daughter Jahnvi and Khushi Kapoor are strict with their father about his food. ‘Khushi has fixed a diet for me. She and Jahnvi have decided what should I eat and how much I should eat.’

According to Boney Kapoor, his wife is not there to see him after he has lost 12kgs but his daughters are there.
As Boney Kapoor quoted, Sridevi has left but she is still around. Legends like her not born every day. In her short life, Sridevi led the time of a queen.

Not only she ruled the hearts of her film audiences, Sridevi was also the queen of her husband Boney Kapoor’s heart. Life has not been the same for him since she left and never will be.

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