Bollywood Workout Review: Lose Inches While You Polish Your Dance Moves!

Bollywood Workout Review: Lose Inches While You Polish Your Dance Moves!

Get fit while having fun!
Bollywood Workout Review: Lose Inches While You Polish Your Dance Moves!

How intriguing does the proposition of shedding inches while you break a leg to Bole Chudiyan sound? Dropping a dress size, just by dancing to Bollywood music? Something didn’t quite add up! I was puzzled when the invite came my way, but decided to give it a shot anyway, and boy was I in for a ride!

Upon arriving at the class, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the blaring sound of Bollywood dance classics like Shaava Shaava and Chammak Challo playing in the background. I saw students dancing passionately, giving every step their best and more! That’s when I thought, why not. This is definitely worth a shot (after all, all those desi party nights ought to have taught me something!)

Once we took our spots in the dance studio, with a big mirrored wall in front of us, watching our every move, there was no escaping. The dance guru started out with lighter steps that quickly transpired into some of the most intense thumkas I’ve ever attempted all my life. The first half of the 1 hour session involved us dancing to desi hits, following every move of the instructor closely. Getting your eyes off his feet for a second would mean that you’ve lost the rhythm and would have to try and catch up. So with my eyes transfixed on him, I danced along, until we had to break for the second half of the session.

The second half involved yoga mats and dumbbells. If you’re a regular gym goer, you already know that’s a lethal combo! Right after the 1 minute water break, began a challenging set of core exercises, making you regret every single piece of French fry you must have consumed in the recent past. As I tried my best to complete each set, I was thrilled to learn about the number of calories I was burning, making me super glad I signed up for this class.

If going to a regular gym, with boring equipment is not your thing, then definitely consider this fun workout class, ensuring you shed kilos as your simultaneously polish up on your desi dance moves. Psst..remember, wedding season is just round the corner!

INFO: To book yourself a session, call: 04 3277327. Or head to, MAD About Dance Institute, M1 Level, Centrepoint Mall, next to Burjuman, Dubai,