Bollywood sends its prayers to Beirut after a devastating chemical explosion kills hundreds

Bollywood sends its prayers to Beirut after a devastating chemical explosion kills hundreds

A large blast in the Lebanese capital left many dead and injured

A huge explosion in Beirut yesterday has left at least 100 dead and 4000 wounded after a factory storing ammonium nitrate blew up.

The blast was captured on camera by many as a huge cloud of smoke came from a fire at the port side of the city, drawing the attention of many before a very large explosion which shook the city. The explosion caused a mushroom cloud of smoke to travel miles, and it is said that the blast was felt by residents in Cyprus.

The explosion was caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate and explosives stored in one factory, and an investigation into what caused the fire is underway.

Swara Bhasker

Bhaskar reposted the shocking video of the blast followed by, “Horrifying and heart-wrenching! Cannot imagine what devastation and pain there must be on the streets of #Beirut Ravaged one too many times!”

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka reposted the BBC’s image of the blast writing, “This is awful. Absolutely devastating. Sending all my love and prayers to everyone affected by this tragedy. #Beirut”

Sara Ali Khan

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*Clarification: we are not affiliated with or fundraising in the name of the Lebanese Red Cross. We are raising funds for a number of NGOs whose needs we are currently assessing with the support of @3qahub. We are inspired by the work of the Lebanese Red Cross and are donating the first £100,000 to support their work.* We are all in shock witnessing the massive explosion that happened at the port of Beirut on 4 August 2020. The extent of the damages is devastating. Our people in Lebanon have been suffering through a difficult financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. - We are calling on the world, our friends, our fellow Lebanese in the diaspora to donate to help us provide disaster relief. We are reaching out to the Lebanese Red Cross and various NGOs who will need our help and we will update the page providing exact details on how your money will be spent. We will be diligent in making the donations and will be able to provide more clarity as soon as possible. *UPDATE: The first set of donations will go to the Lebanese Red Cross by direct bank transfer tomorrow. - Link in bio to donate. - #impactlebanon #lebanesediaspora #diaspora #connecting #lebanon #impact #fundraising #beirutexplosion #prayforbeirut #relief

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Sara posted a link to a disaster relief charity to her Instagram story where she encouraged her followers to go to the website and donate. The charity @impact.lebabon is helping to raise funds for the red cross.

Farhan Akhtar

Farhan took to Twitter to write, “When your mind does not want to believe what your eyes have just seen. #Beirut and it’s people in my thoughts” followed by an emoji of a broken heart.

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