Sara Ali Khan's Weight Loss Journey And Her Struggle With PCOD

Sara Ali Khan's Weight Loss Journey And Her Struggle With PCOD

If you are curious to know how the budding star Sara Ali Khan shed oodles of weight, despite struggling with Polycystic Syndrome Disorder(PCOD), read the story to know more.

With just two movies under her wings, Mellanial Star Sara Ali Khan has created a niche for herself in Bollywood industry more ways than one. But it was surely not an easy cake for her. The star kid struggled with obesity and Polycystic syndrome all her life and weighted whooping 96 kilos before entering the glamour world.

Sara Ali Khan opened up about her transformation on Koffee With Karan and revealed how she survived on Pizza throughout her university life in Newyork. Once she knew she had to lose weight, she looked for healthier options and snacked on protein bars and salads, staying off junk.

After her massive weightloss transformation, this is what her diet plan looks like:

Sara Ali Khan’s diet plan:

Apparently, Sara follows a simple, yet, healthy eating plan that is good for the body and the mind. She prefers eating home-cooked food and eats at regular intervals of time. She does not starve herself to achieve her fitness goals. She includes plenty of fiber-rich foods in her diet. She begins her day with a glass of warm water. Here’s what her meal sample looks like.

· Breakfast: She loves having idlis, egg whites, bread toast in breakfast.

· Lunch: Her lunch consists of chapatis, dal, salad, fruits, and vegetables.

· Snacks: For her evening snack, she has a bowl of upma to keep her feeling full and energized.

· Dinner: Reportedly, she eats a simple, light dinner consisting of chapatis and green vegetables.

Sara usually eats a bowl of muesli along with some fruits and oats before her vigorous workout. Her post-workout snack includes tofu, salads, legumes, and a protein shake.

Sara Ali Khan Workout Routine

Combination Of Functional Training: In one of her interview the actor said, “I work out every day- a combination of functional training, Pilates, boxing and cardio. I like to change things up, but ensure that I work out for an hour and a half every single day except on Sunday, because that’s my day to chill,”. She works under Namrita Purohit, Bollywood fitness trainer known to train Kareena Kapoor And Kangana Ranaut.

Boot Camp Training workout: Sara also does regular boot camp training under celebrity trainer Cindy Jourdain which is a full-body workout which advances strength training, provides the fluidity of aerobics and burns more calories in lesser time.

Other Activities: She loves doing Khatak (Classical Indian Dance) to stay in shape while she loves to play sports to keep her fitness levels up.

By looking at the perfectly toned body, you will know the kind of commitment it needs to achieve the level of fitness that the Bollywood leading millennial Sara Ali Khan has achieved over a period of time. She lost all the weight she gained and lots more by working out and maintaining a disciplined life, and this is what exactly aspiring fitness enthusiasts should do too.

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