Bollywood lyricists unite to demand justice for writing credits

Bollywood lyricists unite to demand justice for writing credits

Lyricists speak up after they rally credit on digital platforms

Bollywood lyricists are crucial when it comes to creating music for films. Song credits include names of actors, composers and singers, but the lyricists have been left out in the credits on platforms such as Spotify.

In order to gain awareness for this issue lyricists, Varun Grover, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Swanand Kirkire and Manoj Muntashir amongst many more decided to share their experience online which gained public attention.

To further highlight their point, some of Bollywood’s most popular lyricists united to create a song and video titled ‘Credit De Do Yaar’ which translates to ‘come on, give us credit’. Varun Grover uploaded the song to Youtube, and it has gained over 36,000 likes.

The video features 15 lyricists, which all mime along to the song supported by their previous credits for lyrics in films. Although the video is light hearted, it sends a strong message and shows the injustice in the Bollywood music industry.

The video ends with Varun saying, “We are under no impression that you will remember our faces...But please make sure you remember our names.” He explained that songwriters and lyricists are too often removed from the music credits on official music streaming platforms. “We just want them to credit us properly. If you (viewers) ever witness that a lyrics writer’s name is missing, please raise your voice and support us.”

Music services cannot add lyricist credits unless the music label shares it with them. The lyricists involved are hoping that this public outreach helps to get them recognised with all the correct credit where it is deserved.

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