Bollywood is 'Crazy Sexist', Says Research
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Bollywood is 'Crazy Sexist', Says Research

But we knew that, didn't we?

A recent research and analysis by researchers into Bollywood films have forced them to conclude that Bollywood movies are "still crazy sexist". The team of researchers analysed as many as 4000 Bollywood movies to reach this verdict.
Over the years, women portraying central characters in Hindi cinema have been few and far between. Those portrayed, including the protagonists, are rarely holistic and mostly subject to ingrained biases. “Different features like occupation, introduction of cast in text, associated actions, and descriptions are captured to show the pervasiveness of gender bias and stereotype in movies,” a recent analysis of Bollywood movies by IBM and two Delhi-based institutions revealed.

You can reach the whole research analysis HERE. The research paper is the only document of sexual bias in Bollywood till date.  To study the gender disparities, researchers used an IBM dataset of Wikipedia pages of 4,000 Hindi movies released between 1970 and 2017, extracting titles, cast information, plots, soundtracks, and posters. They also analysed 880 official trailers of movies released between 2008 and 2017. One of the interesting findings of the research is: "In most storylines, males had superior occupations: Over 32% of male characters were doctors, compared to just 3% of women; for female characters, the most popular careers were teachers or secretaries. Roles of lawyers, CEOs, and police officers were overwhelmingly played by male actors."

And these are just some of the details that have emerged. But hey, what’s new? Didn’t we all know that already?

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