Malaika Arora Gives Fitness And Diet Regimen Tips For Busy Moms

Malaika Arora Gives Fitness And Diet Regimen Tips For Busy Moms

Bollywood fitness queen Malaika Arora has some fitness advice for new mommies who want to keep themselves in great shape.
Malaika Arora Gives Fitness And Diet Regimen Tips For Busy Moms
Malaika Arora

When you think of Bollywood hottest, most sensuous and striking of mommies, Malaika Arora features on top of that list. Bollywood diva Malaika Arora clearly sets some next-level fitness goals, a notch up every time this yummy mummy sweats it out at the gym or shows off her healthy plate of superfoods on her Insta handle. According to her “My fitness regime is my way of life”. Probably the reason why it looks like the 45-year-old diva is aging backward but underneath that envious figure is a complete dedication to remaining fit and active.

If you have ever dreamt of getting into that great shape as Malaika Arora, we have got just the right experience for you. Let's get to know the secret behind her fit body and what fitness advice and tips does she have for busy mothers.

· The first tip that Malaika passes to new mothers is to take out time for workout or exercises. According to her, mommies should make sure that some kind of workout activity is part of their everyday routine even if it means 10 minutes and then slowly increase it to half an hour.

· For Workout Routine she suggested yoga Warrior pose which is great for toning up legs. This particular yoga position will help you in building up strength and stamina.

· The fitness diva strongly believes in Suriya Namaskar (Sun salutation) as being the best cardio workout even better than running, jogging or swimming. Nothing works better than Suriya Namaskar. This yoga pose is a complete workout for your entire physical system, helps in losing weight and promoting balance in your body.

Her Favorite Healthy Breakfast Recipe:

She considers oats to be part of a very healthy breakfast option. Oats aids weight loss and are a great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidant. Her favorite secret breakfast recipe is:


· Oats/Wheat Flakes
· Milk
· Dry Fruits (except cashew nuts because that very fattening according to the diva)
· Fresh fruits (Bananas etc)

Make a nice breakfast bowl and have them in the morning. Bon appetite!

So If you are busy new mommies,here are a few easy fitness and diet tips that can help you come in great shape physically and mentally in no time. The real deal is to be committed to bringing positive lifestyle changes to have an lasting impact.