Bobby Deol: "I Had My Own Demons to Fight"
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Bobby Deol: "I Had My Own Demons to Fight"

The junior Deol gets candid

Bobby reveals that he was jobless for five years but he is now looking at life with a more positive attitude and is confident that he will be doing more work now.  His film Poster Boys, directed by Shreyas Talpade and starring brother Sunny Deol, released recently, Over to Bobby.

Did you ever face language problems in your childhood?

I used to speak in Hindi.  My teachers complained to my parents that I converse in Hindi and not English.  But when I learnt English, I forgot Hindi. I never learnt Punjabi, my mother used to say that I would speak in Hindi. I would tell her that it was her fault she never taught me Punjabi!  My parents and Sunny speak in Punjabi and Hindi.

Why were you not doing films for so long?

I was waiting for a good subject. The characters that I got were not so great. When Shreyas Talpade got this film I was very excited. 

Why have you been away from films for such  a long  time?

People had become choosy and didn't give me work. They were not approaching me. I was trying but nothing worked out. I hope after seeing this film (Poster Boys) they will approach me with work.

You had a great start when you were launched…

In the beginning I got a lot of work. I was new and every one approached me but then you make the wrong choices too.  Luck also plays an important role but after a year to sustain and make the right choices, is difficult. Then they stop coming to you as some other new actor makes the cut and he starts replacing you. 

I was fighting my demons but I am blessed to have a wonderful family so I didn't get lost  in it and be upset. You have to face it. You can't cry over it and pity yourself. You have to come out of it and be positive. You fight against every odd. I am a fighter.

But didn't you decide to do only home production movies?

I loved to work with people outside my production but it's difficult. I went and met people but they had already decided whom they wanted to work with.  I would love to work with other directors.  You have to be happy and be positive.

What changes do you see in the industry now?

The industry keeps changing and the new generation of audience is open to seeing different kind of films.  Films with messages and issues are doing well. Biopics are also the norm of the day.

Have you ever come across a situation where your posters were used to sell small products?

Many a time an actor's face is used to sell small products. It's a common sight but then you can't do anything about it.

What kind of roles are you looking forward to?

I am not looking for main leads, I want to do different roles and move forward. I would love to do Phool Aur Patthar, it's my favourite film.  I am not thinking of any images. Images are created and at times you get stuck with a certain image.

How do you see the Deol Legacy being taken forward by Karan (Sunny Deol's son) now?

Karan is like my son too. We are all shy in nature.  I am excited for his debut now.

Do you see your kids coming into films too?

My older son is 16 and the younger one is 11 years old.  He is studying for his commerce degree now.

We have never seen you socialising too.

I am trying to socialise now. I never enjoyed going to parties and socialising.  I would find it fake. But now I am trying. No one has the time to socialise and everyone is busy working.  At the end of the day it's show business you have to mingle so that people know you are still here.

Any regrets in life? What about joining the social platform?

I don't regret anything in life.  I am on twitter now because there were a lot of fake twitter accounts in my name. So I decided to join it.  The official twitter handle is @thedeol. I only post pictures on it. People have taken advantage of it. People are always ranting against each other. They are never happy they don't appreciate anyone. I don't like that. I prefer to be unto myself.

How is your relationship with your brother?

My brother is like my second father and he takes care of me. He does not like to see anyone hurt. I am still his baby brother. 

There were controversies about your DJing at a club last year?

I didn't know what happened. I had gone there a month earlier and it was discussed after a month. It was sad that it happened.  I will always play my film songs which were so good. I didn't play any music and the club DJ was doing it. Some people trolled me over it.  You have no control over such things.

How do you look at stardom now?

I never considered myself a star.  The success of stardom goes to your head. I don't like attitude.

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