Bobby Deol gets into a fight!
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Bobby Deol gets into a fight!

Actor ready to shoot, however poor the conditions

Bobby Deol didn't bother about the pouring rain and freezing temperature while shooting fight scenes in muddy fields for Sangeeth Sivan's Ek - The Power of One in Punjab last December, leaving producer Jaswant Khera highly impressed.

According to a source, the film unit was shooting for a major action sequence amid heavy rains. Even the vanity vans of the actors had to be parked around two kilometres away from the location and unit members took long gaps between shots.

For Bobby's convenience, the producer even requested the actor to go and rest in the van as he was worried about his health, but Bobby insisted that if the entire unit could bear the weather so could he.

"These fight scenes had to be shot in muddy fields and freezing temperatures and the unit had already lost three to four days of shoot due to the climatic conditions. I was absolutely overwhelmed with Bobby's dedication and professionalism and the action sequences have turned out to be wonderful," said Khera.


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