The Restaurant that Gives Food for Free

The Restaurant that Gives Food for Free

Masala! Blogger of the month Tamanna Wahi on the Food Scene in the UAE
The Restaurant that Gives Food for Free

Tamanna Wahi

From the capital of the UAE, comes a Radio-Jockey who writes some witty yet honest reviews as 'The Anorexic Hog'. She also happens to be the Best Blogger Award winner at the Masala Awards 2016.

Restaurant of the week: Green & Black Cafe

Discovering hidden gems and tiny cafes / restaurants in town serving good food is so much more fun than the bigger fancier places! I recently visited a newly opened Nepali restaurant called Green & Black Cafe and tried out the Momos and Thupka. Firstly, this was my first encounter with Nepali food so I wasn't sure of what to expect but was pleasantly surprised with how good the food was. I would personally recommend the Chicken Chilly Momos which as the name suggest is on the spicier side and has a very Desi-Chinese feel to it (they also have a fried/steamed option). And did I mention it’s priced at only Dhs12 for 10 pieces? Yes, my wallet never felt better. 


Peppy Papdi Pizza

When you want to impress your mom with some Desi flavour and your boyfriend with your Italian chef hat, opt for the papdi pizza. It's easy to make, tasty and quick! 


1.    Arrange the paapdis on a plate and spread pizza sauce on each and keep aside.

2.    Spread some chopped garlic, green chillies and corn on the papdi 

3.    Take cheese slices and cut it as per the size of papdi and place them on papadis.

4.    Sprinkle some grated cheese to it along with some pepper and chaat masala.

5.    Add some chilli flakes and top it up with an olive

6.    Bake it in oven for 5 minutes and serve hot

Personality of the week


Vivek Balaney, the founder of Nom Nom, a casual Asian restaurant based in Dubai has started a very cool initiative in both his branches where he gives a combo lunch meal to all the job-seekers in Dubai for FREE. Yes, just when you thought there is no such thing as "FREE' lunches, say hello to Nom Nom. Now the meal is free, but job-seekers who don’t want charity and wish to pay once they’re able to, can do so, says a signboard in front of the restaurant. Kudos!


Did you know that Industry Kitchen in New York is now serving a magical dish called The 24K Pizza? The 24K Pizza is, well, a pizza, but worth Dhs7,346 and comes covered in flakes of 24-karat gold and topped with imported white stilton cheese, Ossetra caviar, truffles, and Foie Gras. 

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