BLOG: Why Was Sanjay Dutt Defending Rajkumar Hirani's Alleged Harassment Accusations?
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BLOG: Why Was Sanjay Dutt Defending Rajkumar Hirani's Alleged Harassment Accusations?

While the verdict is still out there on allegations against Rajkumar Hirani, Sanjay Dutt's spirited defence of the filmmaker is in poor taste

Sanjay Dutt who had  so far—wisely—kept mum over his  director-friend  Raj Kumar Hirani’s sexual harassment  charges, opened  his  mouth and  put his foot right into it when last week he told film critic Rajeev Masand,  “I don’t believe in those allegations. I have worked with him in so many films, it’s been so many years and I don’t know why that lady is putting these allegations. It does not make sense to any one of us. If you have some allegations, file an FIR, do something. But Raju Hiraniand those kind of allegations, I don’t think so.”

This is  just the kind  of support that Rajkumar Hirani doesn’t need. First of all, it comes  from an actor who is  very  close  to the  director. They’ve worked together  through the two highly  successful Munnabhai films and  Hirani recently made a sanitized blockbuster  bio-pic  on  the life of Sanjay Dutt.

Dutt is in no position to  comment  on Hirani’s innocence, as a large  number  people don’t believe  in Dutt’s own innocence in the TADA case which Hirani’s bio-pic so diligently  set out to  espouse. Significantly ,  Dutt  includes other  people in Hirani’s circle  of believers when he  said, “It does not make  sense  to any of us.”

I’d presume  “us” includes Munnabhai producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Sanju  starRanbir kapoor who played Sanjay Dutt plus  all those who are too busy scoring  brownie points with the  producers  to bother with Hirani’s  innocence  or guilt.

We  can  safely  assume it is back to business for Hirani. The  girl who accused Hirani  of harassment would have her voice outshouted  by  the naysayers  who believeHirani is too talented  to be guilty of something so crude. By this reasoning, the super-gifted Woody Allen  should have been working as usual. But this  brilliant director who had the entire American and British  acting fraternity tripping  over one another  to work with him , has been ostracized  after old allegations of  sexual harassment  surfaced  again.

Today no major actor wants to work with Woody Allen. So is Raj Kumar Hirani more talented that  Woody Allen? Or is he just more  forgivable? When Sanjay Duttsays the film industry won’t accept Hirani’s culpability because  of his past record then we know the #MeToo movement is doomed in  India.

To be proven  guilty  of  sexual harassment  the world must be  provided  proof  of  the  dirty deed. No  girl  uses a hidden spy camera when a filmmaker tells her  to get comfortable. So Hirani is as innocent as Sanjay Dutt must have been?

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