BLOG: Why Don’t Stars like Arjun Kapoor Clarify Their Wedding or Relationship Rumours?
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BLOG: Why Don’t Stars like Arjun Kapoor Clarify Their Wedding or Relationship Rumours?

It’s been a trend among Bollywood stars of late to deny their relationship or keep mum about them. Despite stories of an impending wedding doing the rounds, they neither confirm nor deny it preferring to maintain a studied silence

When a news portal broke the news of Arjun Kapoor’s impending wedding to Malaika Arora, there was a lot of excitement among their fans. However, as of now, neither Arjun nor Malaika has confirmed anything. In fact, they haven’t even admitted to dating though the signs are there for all to see and even Karan Johar has dropped hints every now and then. So are the wedding rumours true or false? And if it isn’t true, then why didn’t Arjun or his intended bride Malaika Arora immediately deny the rumour? The unpalatable truth is many stars in relationships enjoy creating an aura of ambivalence around their relationship status. Let them keep guessing! It keeps their fans titillated and the stars remain committed or half-committed without having to admit it. This works  to the benefit of those couples who are in an open relationship. For example, Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha never admitted to being in a relationship, so they never broke up, right?
What is baffling is when young single people with no baggage of guilt decide to not go public with their relationship. What sense does that make, except to tease, provoke  and tantalize their fans? Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone were in a committed-for-life relationship for nearly five years. Even when they announced their wedding, they didn’t really come out publicly about their relationship. For all we know, they plunged into  marriage without  being in  a relationship. And never mind if they were seen together everywhere, from airports  to movie theatres. Luckily this couple spared us the we-are-just-good-friends nonsense.
Now we have Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora who are, to everyone’s knowledge, a couple. You have to be blind to miss their togetherness and chemistry. They go out to dinners  together, hold hands in public and attend family functions together. They cannot claim their relationship to be private. Because it isn’t.
They show the world they are in love. But they won’t say they are. They are getting married? They are  not getting married? They won’t admit or deny the reports. Does this make any sense? If the rumours of their impending wedding are not true why are they not denying it? If  the rumours are true why are they not admitting it?

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