BLOG: Sonam Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Preity Zinta… Why Actresses Do NOT Prefer to Marry Someone From Bollywood

BLOG: Sonam Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Preity Zinta… Why Actresses Do NOT Prefer to Marry Someone From Bollywood

Sonam Kapoor has followed the trend of actresses who resolved not to tie the know with an actor. They prefer an 'outsider' instead
BLOG: Sonam Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Preity Zinta…  Why Actresses Do NOT Prefer to Marry Someone From Bollywood
Sonam Kapoor married Anand Ahuja who has no connections to the film industry

It’s not only Sonam Kapoor who has chosen to marry outside the film industry. Why do many actresses marry, and marry successfully, outside the entertainment industry? Look at Preity Zinta. We were very close at one time and would often discuss her marriage plans. Preity would say she would never marry  anyone from the film industry because it was like eating at the place where you do your morning chores. I am putting it politely to avoid embarrassment.

But you get the point? Preity finally married an American who had nothing to do with the film industry and had not seen a single film of hers. This distance from a Bollywood actress’ stardom always helps give perspective to  a marriage.

Preity Zinta with her American husband 

Rule no.1: Never  marry a fan. We all remember what  happened  to poor Mukesh Aggarwal ! Rekha’s short-lived marriage with  the besotted Aggarwal in the late 80s came to a horrific end when he ended his life by hanging himself with her dupatta. No wonder Madhuri Dixit chose to marry an Indian doctor in the US who had not seen any of her films. It’s not as if Dr Sriram Nene didn’t know who Madhuri Dixit was. You would have to be  much  more than an NRI to  be ignorant of her star status in India. Maybe, belonging to a different planet would do it.

Madhuri with her doctor husband Sriram Nene 

Asin is another actress who  married away from  her  place of work. She was shown the marital exit-door by none other than Akshay Kumar who introduced  her to his  buddy Rahul Sharma. Mr Sharma was rich and wealthy and he  had nothing  to do with the  film industry. Asin is now happily married with a  baby to look after. I  don’t know if Anand Ahuja was educated  in the career nuances  of Sonam  Kapoor. Has he watched her  ‘masterpieces’  like Anees Bazmi’s Thank You and Sooraj Barjatya’s Prem Ratan Dhan Payo? Or did he fall in love with the girl rather than the glitter and  glamour?  It always helps  to have a healthy contact with the world  outside the  film industry.

Asin married an industrialist 

So  many marriages  among people  from the  film industry are falling apart because  both the parties are from the  same workplace and they know exactly what goes on during outdoor location shooting.

A  very prominent  star-wife once  confided in me that she  was aware of her husband’s extra-marital  activities.  “Does he really think I don’t know what he is up when  I am  not around at those long outdoors? I am okay with it. Because once he is home,  he thinks of only me and  the children.” Actresses prefer non-actors as  husbands because they don’t want to be reminded of all their (the husband’s and their own) affairs. To that extend Sonam Kapoor couldn’t have chosen  better.

Several actresses from the earlier eras chose not to marry rather than marry a co-star.  Asha Parekh who was everyone's favourite date-mate  in   the  1960s  never entertained the  thought  of  marrying one  of  her  co-stars. "Koi sawaal  hi nahin paida hota tha (the question just didn't arise). My co-stars were all my buddies. I couldn't dream  of marrying any of them. They all treated  like one of them. There was  any romantic suggestion at all. I never got to meet men outside the  industry to be  able to marry  anyone.'

Ashaji's friend Waheeda Rehman did  finally marry someone  outside the  film industry. She  too had resolved she  would never  marry a co-star. Her  long association with filmmaker-actor Guru Dutt was fodder for gossip. But Waheedaji maintains to this  day that she never wanted to marry  anyone from within the film industry. Another legendary actress Vyjanthimala  too married  outside the entertainment  industry and remains successfully wedded  to this day.

Sharmila Tagore  who was  one  of  the most sought-after screen  divas in  the 1960 and 70s says there can be no hard and  fast rules about love and marriage. "I was not married to someone from  within the film industry. But it wasn't a conscious decision  to not  marry (an actor).My son  and daughter are married to actors. And they are  doing fine. It's all matter  of personal choice."