BLOG: Project Ghazi Movie Review: Trust Us, You Didn’t Miss Much!
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BLOG: Project Ghazi Movie Review: Trust Us, You Didn’t Miss Much!

Project Ghazi finally released and the reviews are in. Read more to find out what Team Masala! thought of the film

  • Movie Name Project Ghazi
  • Director Nadir Shah
  • Actor Sheheryar Munawar, Humayun Saeed, Syra Shehroz

Ratings: 1/5

Ever thought about watching a patriotic movie and coming out thinking to yourself how unpatriotic you might eventually become by the end of it? That’s what Project Ghazi was like.

Despite going in with low expectations, Project Ghazi in comparison to other outstanding Pakistani movies that I’ve watched was a complete disaster. From the plot being all over the place to the audio quality changing in between scenes, to characters randomly popping up without any significance, too many other interpretations of behaviours taken from other superhero movies, Project Ghazi proves how superhero movies are not Lollywood’s strongest genre. 

The movie starts off with a deep voice narrating powerful quotes, but then it jumps right into the action, which shows Humayun Saeed’s character, Salaar, hanging on a cliff in snowy Siachen with his fellow military mates. These mates include our protagonist, Zain (Sheheryar Munawar)’s father. From then onwards to the very end, it propels into constant action with not much dialogue. The movie’s premise is based on the hero finding out more about his father. The female protagonist, Zara (Syra Shehroz), is a doctor who runs tests on the military personnel. Zara wants to develop superhumans. Interestingly, out of all the people in the military ranks, it was only Zain that Zara chose to experiment on.

Zain’s character was bland and boring and honestly felt more robotic than human. In one scene Zain is called in by Zara to discuss his performance on certain tests, and to my surprise, the very first thing Zain says is “You’re a woman” as if that was unheard of occurrence. The vibe I got from this dialogue was that he probably never worked with a woman before, which doesn’t make sense, keeping in mind that there are actually quite a lot of women that work in Pakistan’s military medical wing. Having met the actor, I can safely say that the actor is truly dashing and handsome, but in the film he had almost zero expressions throughout. Majority of the film saw him screaming and getting angry every so often.

It’s not all a complete loss. The costumes are fantastic and the masks the villains wear are phenomenal. Adnan Jaffer as Qataan was impressive and despite having little to do, his acting was exciting.

There are also some appreciable metaphors, e.g., Salaar says to Zain that a soldier shouldn’t go to war but rather his task is to find peace. In the current climate, it is a quote that every individual need should think about deeply.

Project Ghazi isn’t a movie I would recommend you prioritise this month because there are already so many exciting movies to watch. However, if you have extra time on your hands and you’ve watched all the other exciting releases, then give it a watch.

Watch the trailer here

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