Blog: Laal Kabootar - Hit or Miss?
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Blog: Laal Kabootar - Hit or Miss?

Was Laal Kabootar a game changer? Read this blog and let us know what you think

Pakistani film industry at this point is at a struggling stage and it demands of support of it’s audience. As much as i support the cause of supporting our local film industry, Pakistani film industry needs to up it’s game to get the support it wants. Honestly, it’s not about spending huge budgets on a film, what matters is the storythat you’re telling to the audience. We all have seen movies that were big budget movies but due to a weak storyline, it flopped. Recently, an indie movie from Pakistan came out and it gave me hope about how Pakistani film industry is going to up it’s game pretty soon. For me Laal Kabootar has been a game changer. It was a small budget film with limited characters in the story and thta’s how it proves how a huge budget isn’t necessesary to make a good film. 

Spoiler alert!

This movie is about the time when gangwars were on it’s peak and how the entire city suffered. A woman lost her husband who was a journalist with the help of a robber himself, Adeel, who in the search of his chance to visit Dubai, would do anything. The woman finds out who his murderers were. The film shows the true colours of Karachi and it also shows the different lives of the elite and the lower middle class families. It also focuses on how a widow woman is treated in this society after her husband dies.

The empty seats in the cinema really upset me while watching the film. People of this country are willing to spend their money on movies like Sherdil and Parwaaz Hai Junoon but not on a classic like Laal Kabootar. It’s the kind of movie you won’t get your eyes off from once you start watching it. 

I believe, indie cinema Pakistan in it’s truest form can prove to be a game changer for the Pakistani film industry. Pakistani culture itself is so rich and there are so many eye opening stories around us that can change perspectives but only if our film makers are willing to experiment and find our own cinema’s style and not follow what Bollywood is doing. Since Laal Kabootar is back in cinemas of Pakistan, you should all go watch it and see the kind of master piece it is and support these one of their kind movies.

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