BLOG: Kapil Sharma Needs Urgent Help. But What Are We Doing About It?

BLOG: Kapil Sharma Needs Urgent Help. But What Are We Doing About It?

Soumyadipta Banerjee on why we need to save Kapil Sharma
BLOG: Kapil Sharma Needs Urgent Help. But What Are We Doing About It?

One of the major reasons why most people are oblivious about the problem of severe depression is that there are no physical manifestations of it. We commonly associate disease with physical illness but in the case of depression, the overt symptoms are often entirely absent. The person might appear absolutely normal and might go about his daily routine but we don't realise that his mind is playing dangerous games with him or her. There are several kinds of depression and most of them are manageable with a little bit of help but what is widely accepted as most dangerous, is the deadly 'Severe Depression' or ‘Acute Depression'.

You may Google about it or HERE is a link for you that tells you what the warning signs of severe depression are. Despite the widespread prevalence of depression and the fact that a lot of us suffer from it, we don't want to admit it. Worse, a lot of us are completely unaware of it.

I continue to struggle from Subsyndromal Depression myself and being a senior academic administrator, I am always all the lookout for students who are showing warning signs of severe depression. I also frequently consult my colleagues on the matter, specially Professor Anju Kapoor who's a college principal based in Mumbai. Kapoor is PhD in Psychology and specialises in understanding depression among young adults. So though I am not a doctor, I can safely say that I have got considerable experience in figuring out if a person is suffering from depression.

Why am I talking about depression today? It is because of comedian Kapil Sharma who recently had a very public meltdown. He has not only been in the news for cancelling his shows and behaving erratically but on Friday, he abused a journalist and his former manager and girlfriend, filing complaints against them.

Kapil is getting into a legal conundrum due to his actions and his show (which didn't air last weekend) might be taken off air soon because of his behaviour. So, more challenging situations are lurking for Kapil in the future if whatever he is going through currently is not enough.

Kapil's former girlfriend and manager, Priti Simoes (who is credited with shaping his career) has publicly admitted that he is suffering mental health issues that might be serious.

Here's what she said.

She has also warned in as many words that Kapil Sharma is suicidal and that there is an urgent need to intervene in the matter to prevent a tragedy.

The problem: Nobody is listening.

You can ask any psychiatrist and they will tell you that extreme aggression and anger are one of the manifestations of severe depression. Whatever Kapil Sharma is doing these days are classic examples of depression that urgently needs medical intervention.

It is a well-known fact most of the greatest comedians in the world have suffered or continue to battle severe depression. If acute depression shaped the life and works of Charlie Chaplin, it also took away the life of Robin Williams.  Depression is a major illness that afflicts some the best comedians around the world and scientists are still trying to decipher why such a phenomenon is so common among some people who are, otherwise, hilarious in their real life and thrive on making people happy with their jokes and comic acts.

HERE is a list of 30 world famous who are suffering from major depression, be prepared to be surprised when you go through the list.

I guess by now I have been able to establish that it is not surprising that Kapil Sharma is going through what hundreds of others like him have experienced before. And this makes us arrive at the most critical juncture which is the most important question I am asking today.


Kapil Sharma needs immediate medical attention. He cannot be left alone. He needs to be surrounded by people who understand what he is going through. And most importantly, he needs a complete detachment from his present circumstances. The negative influences and his friends who are adversely affecting him should be moved out of his life immediately.

Instead of castigating him for his actions, we must empathise with him and understand that he might not be in complete control of what he is doing. He cannot go around police stations and courts or even work. He cannot be mocked, ridiculed, vilified or pushed around.

He needs a protective ring around him, like any person who is severely sick. By instigating him and making him suffer, we are actually slow poisoning his mind into severe pain.

Any doctor will tell you that in some of these cases, the mind revolts against reason and tries to ease the pain it is experiencing by making the body go through drastic steps.  Are we prepared to watch him suffer and lose him in the process?

Is Kapil Sharma just a famous comedian who is only allowed to entertain or is Kapil Sharma a human being who is suffering extreme pain in his mind and screaming for help?

Are you ready to help Kapil Sharma or do you want to watch him voyeuristically as he continues to scream from the public podium? Are you ready to be a human again?

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