BLOG: Judging Kangana Ranaut - Is She The Real Life Simran?
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BLOG: Judging Kangana Ranaut - Is She The Real Life Simran?

The similarities between the character Kangana plays in her latest release to what she is in real life, is uncanny says Kareen D’souza

I waited patiently for the release of Simran, to finally deliver my opinion on the ongoing Kangana Ranaut brouhaha. Ever since she gave those famous interviews, not only were my social media timelines bombarded with articles on the actress, but I also happened to get an extra dose of her life at work (I’m part of a Bollywood magazine). Churning out articles on Kangana became the start and end to every day at work. But, even after so much halla on the controversy, I still wasn’t able to make up my mind about which team I was siding - team Kangana, or team Karan/ Apurva/ Hrithik et al.

While one side of me wondered why Kangana found it so important to publicise her personal life, another side was proud of her, leading the feminine army, giving all of us something to truly admire.

Then, something hit me! After watching Simran a few days ago, I couldn’t help but see a similarity in Kangana and the character, Praful that she played in the film. A girl who couldn’t be stopped, one who stretched boundaries to get what she wanted, even if it meant falling face down - someone who was fearless yet impulsive! Kangana Ranaut today isn’t just an actress, but a brand name of a product called ‘feminism.’ She took on not only all the Bollywood bigwigs, but also all those who questioned her attitude and rubbed her the wrong way. Wrong or right, is perhaps subjective, but Kangana isn’t the one for subjectivity – it’s either black or white for her.

Much like her reel life role in Simran, the real life Kangana is also offbeat, enjoys a dose of quirk every now and then, and tries to explore off-limit territories. Her character in the film gets into trouble as often as humanly possible, but somehow finds its way out, right into the hearts of audiences. Sounds a lot like Kangana, the actress, doesn’t it? To emerge as the ultimate winner- in a role that’s pitched against opportunistic men, unhappy parents and unstable environments - that’s a character to truly reckon with. 

The reason her role received the love it has, is less because it’s just another Kangana Ranaut film, and more because it so sincerely illustrates intricacies of her true character. Similarly in the fight called life, Kangana has emerged triumphant, despite having all the odds against her. 

Today, Aditya Pancholi is busy proving himself right, Hrithik sits in silence, Karan made a fool of himself on the IIFA stage and Apurva is still busy fighting over credits for Simran. All this while, Kangana quietly sits and basks in the glory of the accolades that came her way.

Love her or hate her, there’s no escaping the fact that Kangana will remain the only actress in Bollywood who dared and demonstrated how a simple girl from Himachal Pradesh made it to the top, despite not following a single rule of the Bollywood book! To a top where everyone else wants to reach, but only she had it in her to! How long will she go (initial reports indicate that Simran is not doing well at the box office), remains to be seen but the fire that she has lit will rage on in society, for a long time to come. Although, one hopes, it doesn’t consume her in the process. 

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