BLOG: Is This What Rajput Culture Represents? Violence and Riots?

BLOG: Is This What Rajput Culture Represents? Violence and Riots?

Ardent cine buff Amita Motwani has spent years in Jaipur, has many Rajput friends. She pens her thoughts on the ruckus surrounding Padmaavat
BLOG: Is This What Rajput Culture Represents? Violence and Riots?

Sanjay Leela Bhansali

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Disclaimer: This article is written solely to express personal views and not to hurt anybody’s sentiments.

Freedom of Speech – A Basic, fundamental & constitutional right of any human in the world. One has a right to say and convey their message to the society. Coming to the point – here I would like to pen down my thoughts about the disruption that has taken place in the recent years in the world of Indian cinema. As an ardent fan of Hindi Movies, I have been thinking from past couple of months where are we heading to? Be it Karan Johar being asked to apologize for casting Fawad Khan in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil or be it the king of romance, Shah Rukh Khan being asked to compensate for casting Mahira Khan in Raees.

Seems like there is a fault in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s stars. The ruckus that Karni Sena has created in the name of freedom is taking a toll on creative world.  One of the most brilliant directors of Bollywood has to go through so much just to showcase his talent?  With all due respect to the legendary Indian queen of 13th – 14th Century Rani Padmini aka Rani Padmavati, I would like to ask the heads of the communal parties  who has given them rights to visit the location and create riots for someone ( Rani Padmini )  who is not even alive to witness anything. When the shooting was taking place in my very own pink city, Jaipur, the director was attacked, mobbed and shooting was stalled, threats were given and even prizes were being announced for beheading the lead actress Deepika Padukone. Who has given them the right to harass a person just because he has touched a subject of ancient times and want to showcase its beauty and grandeur?

Is this what Rajput culture represent? Violence and riots?

Being a graduate from one of the reputed schools of India – Maharani Gayatri Devi (MGD, Jaipur ) I have always been friends with my Rajput classmates and have always loved their community and culture. Be it the late Rajmata Gayatri Devi of Jaipur or late Maharani of Mewar, Rani Padmini, Rajputs have always been a pride of India. But lately some of the so-called protestors have taken the law in their hands so much so that the director himself had to release a video to convey the message that he was not showcasing their Ranisa in a bad light. One full page disclaimer was being given in one of the leading newspapers in India from the makers of Padmavat (i). On top of it, a special body was formed to give the clearance to the movie. To approve the work of a director, actor, actress – a field they know nothing about? Now states are talking of banning the movie from releasing. How about the hard work of the team who deserve to celebrate the release of this film like any other? We have other major problems in India that needs fast decision process in Supreme Court rather than deciding on the release of a film.

If you are an Indian, Cinema and Cricket happen to be your first love. Then why aren’t we taking movies as just a show reel and enjoy the creativity, see the goodness and beauty of the end product rather than wasting our time, energy and money in the protest for something we aren’t even aware about?
Historians have their own view and so do the community heads. Why do we forget that whenever a director makes a movie on historic subjects be it Ashutosh Gowarikar directing Jodha Akbar or SLB directing Padmvati, they do their research years in advance?

The filmmakers have decided not to promote the film, everyone is praying for a peaceful release etc. All this news makes me wonder if anybody in this country has a freedom of speech? It’s someone’s hard work, blood and sweat in the film. For god’s sake at least once, we should stop taking celebrities, actors and directors for granted. After all it’s just a three hour movie and once you are out from the cinema, you just don’t care!

Well I was hoping to watch a good film during UAE Nation day long weekend, (1st Dec – previous release date of Padmavati). Now movie being released with so many cuts, the title change and Deepika’s midriff being covered with VFX, I am just waiting for 25th January when the movie releases. Diehard fans of Ranveer-Deepika like me will make their way to movie theatre, come what may.

All the best Team Padmavati..