BLOG: How Kangana Ranaut Finds the Strength to Fight Her Battles

BLOG: How Kangana Ranaut Finds the Strength to Fight Her Battles

Kangana is known as the firebrand actress who is afraid of no one. But where does she get her strength from? Soumyadipta Banerjee explores this hidden side of the star
BLOG: How Kangana Ranaut Finds the Strength to Fight Her Battles

Kangna Ranaut

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So Aditya Pancholi has declared that he is going to sue Kangana Ranaut for her defamatory comments on the now infamous Aap Ki Aadalat of Rajat Sharma, the video of which has gone viral on social media. “She is a mad woman. Who talks like this? I am going to sue her for these comments. I am going to drag her to the court for this.”

Do you think this apparent ‘threat’ of a defamation notice will deter Kangana Ranaut? Let me tell you that no one better than me is aware that this will not make her flinch one bit. Yes, she will remain unaffected. She is a pro in this game. To understand how she became so fearless, I will take you back to May 5, 2007 at a pub in Andheri. It was around 10 pm. The following details have been accessed from the case diaries of the Mumbai police.

Kangana was wrapping up her shoot for Anurag Basu’s Life In A Metro, when she took a casual look at her mobile. It was ringing incessantly. The caller was her live-in partner Aditya Pancholi. There were about 20 missed calls. Kangana was not picking up his calls.

An actress friend of Kangana then walked up to her told her that she had received a call from Aditya asking where she was. They all knew Kangana as Aditya's girlfriend and hence the actress asked Kangana to call him back. Kangana immediately understood that Aditya had found out her exact location and he was coming to get her.

She simply ran out of the shooting location and got into an auto. She asked the auto driver to take her to a friend's place in Versova, in Andheri. But like a Bollywood film, Aditya Pancholi was already near the shooting spot and saw Kangana get into an auto. What followed was a high-voltage Bollywood-esque chase sequence. Soon, a white salon car blocked her road at Kapaswadi area (Juhu Versova Link Road). It was Aditya Pancholi on the driver’s seat.

Screaming on the top of his voice, in the middle of the road, he dragged Kangana out of the auto by her hair and started getting violent which resulted in her bleeding. She had a tiny handkerchief in her hand, which she pressed against her nose to stop the trickling of blood from the inside.

Aditya was accusing her of having an affair with a co-star of her film Shaka Laka Boom Boom when she went for an outdoor schedule in South Africa. It so happened that when she returned from the shoot, Aditya quietly sneaked upto her when she was sleeping and checked her phone. Those were the days of text messages and few people locked their phones. In Aditya's own words, "I found a lot of explicit messages in her phone. The same messages that she would write for me were sent to somebody else. I woke her up and hit her."

Kangana (who was staying in with Aditya) immediately left Aditya's house with her bag and baggage but Aditya continued to chase her. That day at Kapaswadi area, Aditya finally got hold of her. As more and more people gathered around the scene and a group of people restrained Aditya, Kangana again ran for her life.  But there was no auto in sight and she could hear the voice of Aditya from a distance. Unable to find a rickshaw, Kangana jumped inside a huge dustbin. Yes, the same dustbins that are kept at the side of the road by the Brihanmumbai Corporation. The dustbin was half empty, enough to accommodate a five foot something crouching Kangana Ranaut inside. It is said that Kangana stayed there for three hours and then for another hour, she sat behind it.

Around 4 am, when the scene the cleared a bit and it was evident that Aditya was not coming back, she went to Versova Police station to lodge a formal complaint.

My journalist friend Nishant was the first one to respond to the call when he heard that Aditya was beating Kangana Ranaut up at Kapaswadi. Even he didn't know that Kangana was hiding inside a dustbin nearby. "She spent the whole night in the dustbin nearby (Kangana later told that to us). I was the first journalist to arrive at the scene and I found the handkerchief lying on the road. It had black streaks of blood on it. I came back and wrote about it the very next day, after she filed a police complaint in the morning the following day," said Bhuse.

With some support and under the directions of Additional Commissioner of Police (West) Bipin Behari, Inspector Mohan Shanke lodged the FIR against Aditya Panscholi. Next day, a raging Aditya Pancholi came to the police station and filed a counter-FIR against Kangana Ranaut. Kangana was kept 'hidden' inside the office of Anurag Basu for the next 15 days as the press started hounding everybody connected with the case. It was Taani Basu (Anurag’s wife) who used to secretly bring food and water for her when nobody was there in the vicinity.

All this happened when Kangana was merely 17 years old and Aditya was 39. Imagine a single girl, going through all this, without any support from the family in a city that is alien and unfriendly to her! I think that night shaped her into what she is today. Kangana Ranaut was baptised by fire. When she came out of that incident unharmed and unscathed, it gave her the confidence of facing the whole world alone.

Kangana went through several challenging circumstances, all connected with violent and jilted lovers.  A year earlier, a jilted lover had thrown acid on her sister's face, scarring her and sister's face for life. Kangana then had relationships with three more people and ultimately broke up with them -- Adhyayan Suman, a surgeon from the UK called Nicholas Lafferty and allegedly Hrithik Roshan, who filed a case against her with the Mumbai Police for harassment and cyber fraud. The murky details of the last relationship are known to everybody.

But in my opinion, it was that incident that night on Juhu Versova link road which made her a fearless woman. As Aditya Pancholi hit her, she stood up to him, screaming, shouting and pleading with passersby asking for help. But the blows weren’t stripping her off her dignity but her fears. As she hid inside the huge dustbin near the road with her hips pressed on filthy and smelly garbage, she gained something which Bollywood could never give her. That is how she realised that nothing can beat her. Nothing can hurt her. Nobody will be able to take away from her what she deserves.

But there is one hidden source of power that nobody knows about. A hidden source of power that has constantly nurtured her through thick and thin, through all the tumultuous phases of her life. It were the writings of one Bengali saint who told the world how to stand up against fear. Who told the world to ‘Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached.” Yes we are talking about Swami Vivekananda. Not many know that Swami Vivekananda played a huge role in shaping Kangana’s life and beliefs. The writings of the saint, every word of which Kangana imbibed in her life and follows even today. She still reads Swami Vivekananda everyday and meditates on them. She would still take time off, sit in one corner and quietly read Swami Vivekanda’s letters to Sister Nivedita.

It was Vivekananda's writing she used to read as a teenager which provided her with the strength she needed. Even now when she is disturbed or there is a huge controversy raging around her, she finds succour in the writings of Swami Vivekanda, whose books are always there in her suitcase. As the controversies around her refused to die down, you may still find her sitting in some corner of the room with a book of Swami Vivekananda in hand and perhaps, glossing over her favourite lines….

"Black and thick are the folds of sinister fate. But I am the master. I raise my hand, and lo, they vanish! All this is nonsense. And fear? I am the Fear of fear, the Terror of terror, I am the fearless secondless one, I am the Rule of destiny, the Wiper-out of fact."

(Swami Vikenanada: Letters to Sister Nivedita. SOURCE)