BLOG: Guess Who? The Harvey Weinstein of Bollywood!

BLOG: Guess Who? The Harvey Weinstein of Bollywood!

Do any names come to mind?
BLOG: Guess Who? The Harvey Weinstein of Bollywood!

The surprising bit about the New York Times report that exposed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was that, sexual harassment was going on for decades but no actress had the courage to formally report it to the authorities. One of the major reasons, apart from being shamed, was that Harvey had the potential to make or break their careers. Understandably, some actresses thought it was too small a price to pay for a career that is worth millions of dollars in Hollywood.

We aren’t going to particularly discuss Harvey here. The news is all over with fresh allegations coming up every day. Most recently, an actress accused him of rape which means NYPD might arrest him in the days to come. The way Harvey operated was actually very simple: He would fix up an official meeting with the actress and then ask her to meet him in a hotel room while everybody else were asked to leave. When the said girl would enter his room, he would reportedly ask her to give him a massage, moving ahead from there. In every case that was reported, the pattern was the same.

Interestingly, Bollywood has its very own Harvey Weinstein too. Everybody has spoken about him but none have been brave enough to directly identify him. Among other celebrities, Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan and Pooja Bhatt have mentioned him on various occasions. The list of such cases in Bollywood is endless and a simple search on Google will clear all your doubts too. Among all the producers accused or spoken about, there has been one name common to every conversation. The guy in question is not a producer but a well-known casting agent. He is known to be powerful, and he openly propositions actresses, making it sound like a business deal. "If you stay just one night with me. You can be sure that your name will be recommended for the brand that you are aspiring for. Your name will be on top of the list, let me assure you," is how every encounter with him goes. And, he stays true to his word as well. Every actresses who bites his bait, has landed some great endorsements. There is a reason why I am specifically mentioning brands here. In films, usually there is a character sketch and the actress has to fit into the character, making it difficult to pre decide.

The casting director being spoken about is a scion when it comes to casting for brand endorsements. Most brands look for a glamorous face with a good deal (small fee). Literally they will settle for anybody from category A or category B or C depending on the brand and the product they are advertising.
In the advertising space, the mentioned director is a big player. Actresses who give into his demand, usually spend a night with him or go on a quiet vacation (on the outskirts of the city like Madh Island).

Whereas, struggling actresses who refuse to sleep with him never get a good opportunity, even after paying for it. Also, if she has dared to refuse him in the past, her future work prospects also run the risk of jeopardy, thanks to his influence! Also, another important fact here is that he doesn't even own the casting company but works for it and draws a monthly salary.

Even though this person is constantly mentioned in discussions as Bollywood's own Harvey Weinstein, sadly, nobody has ever publicly spoken about him.
Some actresses have also recorded phone calls where the guy is openly propositioning while others have invoices or other proof that they have spent the night together. However, none of them are willing to come forward. Everybody says the same thing, "Why me? Why only me? He has done it to so many actresses, why are you only coming to me? Why can't you ask the other actresses to speak up against him?" And, the conversations ultimately hit a wall.

Unfortunately that is the same response NY Times reporter Jodi Kantor came face-to-face with when she was chasing the Harvey story for New York Times. She was lucky to get some internal memos that was leaked to her by an employee of Harvey and she could write he story.

Dear ladies (you know who you are), expose some kind of proof so we can pin down the man! You’re just one small step away to freedom and this will also mean a giant leap for other struggling stars in Bollywood.