BLOG: Captain Marvel Review, There Are Better Avengers Films Out There

BLOG: Captain Marvel Review, There Are Better Avengers Films Out There

The film is about a female superhero, Carol Danvers, which is the twenty-first film in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
BLOG: Captain Marvel Review, There Are Better Avengers Films Out There
Still from Captain Marvel
Movie NameCaptain Marvel
DirectorAnna Boden, Ryan Fleck
ActorBrie Larson, Jude Law, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Gemma Chan, Lashana Lynch

Ratings: 3/5

Is this just another superhero story about saving the world? Or is this our search for superwomen? Or has Marvel finally made women heroes sound humorous? Perhaps all of the above. Captain Marvel gives you a sense of hope when it comes to standing back on your feet, even when you fall down after constantly trying. The main point of this film is to show that as humans we all fail and succeed and how that’s a part of life. Captain Marvel even shows us that failure is in your head and how you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way by simply keeping your mind strong.

As usual the movies prime focus was to highlight a war between two galactic alien races, in which Earth happens to be the middle ground. Despite the crucial message portrayed, the storyboard was fairly straightforward: save the world from the bad guys. The edge Captain Marvel has is that you get to see a whole range of bad guys you’ve seen in other Avenger movies.

The spaceships, nasty looking creatures, and risky scientists have been seen before. The screenplay wasn’t unique and the dialogues were clichéd. The very first conversation had no hook to it, mainly because it relied on overused lines such as ‘be a better version of yourself’.

It's not all a loss. There are some things that will make you want to keep watching. The way the characters emotional sides are brought to the front made it quite relatable and funny. Most female superhero movies show a very serious and mature side of women, but not only did the movie illuminate her sagacious qualities but also her human element. We’re also able to see a moral aspect of being a female superhero.

But wait. The cliché about the female superhero continues to find space in Captain Marvel. Typically Avenger movies do show the hero becoming their full strong self while fighting in battle, but this one was in a different league altogether. What’s funny is that Captain Marvel can heat things up and give out a burst of hot energy, but when it comes to turning her entire body into a heated energy source and possibly becoming a big gigantic bulb, her clothes remain intact and her hair is perfectly aligned in the middle of her head through the helmet forming an immaculate mohawk! If Captain Marvel is all about how everyone can be a hero, then why add such unrealistic fantasy?

Do watch this movie purely for the humour without expecting an out-of-this-world experience. But the verdict is, that there are much better Avenger movies out there.