Birthday Special: What Is It Like To Be A Shah Rukh Khan Fan?

Birthday Special: What Is It Like To Be A Shah Rukh Khan Fan?

Amita Motwani gives her account of the good, bad and best of her favorite superstar
Birthday Special: What Is It Like To Be A Shah Rukh Khan Fan?

Shah Rukh Khan

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It gives me an immense pleasure to celebrate THE SHAH RUKH DAY today (2nd November). 52 years ago on this day, a gem was born. An ordinary man with extraordinary talent to make it big in Bollywood. This year the Badshah of Bollywood completes his silver jubilee in this magnum industry. We all know it was not an easy journey for him but as a fan, it’s not an easy journey for us as well. Let me take you through the good, bad and the best of King Khan through a fans eye.

The Good – Being a star is not easy but being a fan is even more difficult. A star portrays a character on screen but we relate to it and most of the times it leaves an impact on our lives. The same impact King Khan had managed to leave on hundreds and thousands of movie lovers after the release of DDLJ. The industry had got its new romantic hero and, us girls got the most romantic lover in the world. The journey has just begun.  From Raj Malhotra (in DDLJ) to Devdas Mukherjee (Devdas), characters may come and go but the king of hearts has taught us a good thing – Love is everything. The stories of him marrying Gauri is no less than a Bollywood tale. As an SRK fan, I always hear people saying that since last 25 years Shah Rukh is doing same romance thing all the time and they are bored of it. But my question to them is how could one be bored of love. All that the man has been spreading through his movies is tones of love, happiness, positivity in the world and of course in a different way, through different characters. It’s overwhelming to see how such a simple man has touched so many lives in so many ways. Perhaps he was meant to be a love angel and a charmer.

The Bad – The “ J “ Factor -  As a die - hard Shah Rukh Khan fan, it was very disappointing to see him doing movies like Josh, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Jab Harry Met Sejal. I feel the movie with letter J doesn’t suit his fate. It hurts to see him failing on certain grounds be it the choice of roles he does or the movies he produces as well. For instance, his performance as PRG (Pawan Raj Gandhi in Dulha Mil Gaya ), Dev Saran (Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna), Aryan Khanna (Fan) or Harinder Singh Nehraaka Harry in his last flick Jab Harry Met Sejal.

Well, all that glitters is not gold. Us fans go to movie theaters to see our favorite man on screen and in return get utter disappointment instead. I feel the movie for which he does over marketing basically turn out to be a flop one. If the content is not the king, he finds other ways to market his film more than required which disappoints every fan. Over marketing may pull the crowd to the theatres but at the end of it, a fan is disappointed. To err is human but being a superstar he should hit the nail hard and improve his choice of movies. 

The Best – A well read, well educated, well informed and one of the coolest superstars in Bollywood. An entrepreneur and a philanthropist.  Orator should be his second name. He is one of the best motivational speakers India has. Him being the first Indian actor to speak at TED talks or his speeches from Yale University to Dhirubhai Ambani International School, every time he is on stage he leaves us fans awestruck. This man has to offer a lot from his experience. Not only the motivation part but he makes one belief in the power of dreams. I remember his one - liner from TED talks 2017 “ I sell dreams and, I peddle love to millions of people”. With a fan following in multi - millions world over, a man with his intelligence, experience, and power of words shows you the other side of his. At the age of 52, he is aging like a fine wine, spreading joy everywhere and putting in all his energy to give back something to the society.

Thank you, Shah Rukh for making a difference in my life. We need more people like you on the world map. Thank you for being you.