Bipasha Basu’s Aerobic Dance Workout Routine

Bipasha Basu’s Aerobic Dance Workout Routine

Bipasha Basu’s workout routine is surely something you can get inspired from. She turned 40 recently and looks amazing
Bipasha Basu’s Aerobic Dance Workout Routine
Bipasha Basu

Believe it or not, Bollywood hottest and successful actress Bipasha Basu just ringed her 40th birthday this January. Looking like 29 at the age of 40 is surely not work of great blessed genes, but a clean diet and strict workout regime that this Bollywood diva follows religiously. Bipasha is a fitness enthusiast and is generally seen working out with her husband. In one of her interviews, Bipasha Basu shares that” one must be physically and mentally healthy and you should take out at least one to one and a half hour to be physically active.”

Her fitness Routine:

The Fitness enthusiast follows a disciplined and strict workout plan. Nearly obsessed with cardio exercises and is passionate about yoga. She spends about two hours doing a combination of workouts and yoga, at least six days a week. The Bong beauty keeps changing her workout routines in order to break the monotony.

“Unleash”: Her Aerobics Dance Workout Video:

People who aspire to look as fit as her, the Bengali beauty has customized a 30 minute Aerobics Dance video and shared with her fans and followers to do her part in their fitness journey. It not only helps you keep in shape but also is a great stress buster. The moves are simple and do not require a lot of precision. The best part is this workout doesn’t needs any equipment and can be done in your living room.

Benefits of Free Aerobics Workout:

1.      Helps in major calorie burning

2.      Is a great stress buster

3.      Assists in Improving strength

4.      Perks up Stamina and endurance

5.      Boost your energy levels

6.      Strengthen Bones

7.      Build muscle coordination

The video will give you sheer workout goals and helps you in gain endurance at least for 30 minutes so what are you for. What better way than to get into the fitness grove then dance to some of the cool and funky workout moves customized by the amazing super fit Bollywood beauty herself.