Bilal Abbas and His Rise As an Actor
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Bilal Abbas and His Rise As an Actor

Bilal Abbas Khan has seen serious success in recent years on the screen. Read on to find out more about his journey as an actor

In other countries, films reign the entertainment scene, films have only recently picked up in Pakistan and are a developing industry. Pakistan has always been well-known for its quality dramas and television programming. It’s not a surprise then that the greatest talents in Pakistan are generally found (and embraced) on television. One such actor is Bilal Abbas Khan.

Bilal Abbas Khan hit the scene in 2016 on Hum TV with Saaya-E-Deewar, a drama starring Emmad Irfani, Naveen Waqar and Ahsan Khan in the lead roles. Bilal played a smaller, but memorable role as Naveen and Emmad’s son. While this show didn’t particularly strike a chord with the audience, Bilal had two more releases in 2016. The best of this trio was Dumpukht: Aatish-E-Ishq, which aired on A Plus and depicted the culture surrounding a peer and his followers. Boasting of a stellar cast, including Noman Ejaz and Saba Faisal and newer faces like Sonia Mishal and Bilal Abbas, the show was directed by Kashif Nisar. The show, despite being a masterpiece, did not get the ratings it deserved – but that did not stop Bilal Abbas from getting noticed. After delivering a stand-out performance while surrounded by seasoned actors, Bilal was quickly signed on for more shows.

In 2017, Bilal worked in Rasm E Duniya alongside Sami Khan and Armeena Rana Khan. He also worked in Saanp Seerhi with Samina Peerzada, Sajid Hassan and Madiha Imam. Of course, he also worked in his two most successful shows in 2017, the first being Qurban alongside Iqra Aziz and Shehzad Sheikh. It was in Qurban that Bilal really was able to stand out as a star. His character of Jamal went on to be the most beloved character on the show and turned Bilal into an overnight sensation. Alongside Qurban, O Rangreza began airing opposite Sajal Aly. A favorite of the critics, Bilal’s performance was highly appreciated, as was his chemistry with Sajal. 

In 2018, Bilal struck gold with his only show, Balaa on ARY. The story of a sinister girl who does everything she can to cut others down in order to fulfill her own desires, Bilal’s character allowed him to show many different shades in the show from sincerity, love, anger and revenge. Balaa was another hit show under Bilal’s belt. 

In 2019, Bilal has had 2 releases – first, Laal, a telefilm on GEO. Laal, co-starring Kubra Khan and Goher Rasheed, is a patriotic film that was released on Pakistan day. Written by Umera Ahmed, Bilal as Behram stole the hearts of audiences, enacting his role with sincerity. Bilal’s second release in 2019 is the currently on-air Cheekh. A show in which Bilal plays an outright negative character, Bilal has shown his range and command over acting, proving that his past performances were not a fluke.  His character of Wajih is so ruthless and inhumane and Bilal plays him with an almost animal-like quality. 

In 2019, within 3 short years in the industry, Bilal Abbas Khan is a star. An actor who has chosen quality over quantity, Bilal has very few bad choices on his career graph and has chosen to do the kind of work that will show off his talent and garner appreciation. Currently crowned one of the biggest heartthrobs in the Pakistani industry, Bilal is a household name and an actor to watch out for. While he only has one confirmed project coming up, viewers can trust that Bilal will come back after Cheekh with a show worth watching.  This viewer has been converted into a fan.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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