Bigg Boss Season 13 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan Expresses His Disappointment In Arti Singh
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Bigg Boss Season 13 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan Expresses His Disappointment In Arti Singh

Salman Khan, during the first episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, gave Arti Singh some much-needed reality check

After an eventful first week inside the Bigg Boss house, Salman Khan made his presence felt on the highly awaited first episode of Weekend Ka Vaar. The Dabangg star made a grand entry on stage while grooving to his hit number Chalti Hai Kiya 9 Se 12 before he begins interacting with the fans. Usually during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, just like preceding Bigg Boss seasons, Salman Khan questions the contestants and motives behind their every move in the Bigg Boss house and helps them tackle the situation in better ways. It was no different this time around in the first episode of Weekend Ka Vaar. Salman himself confessed to watching episodes, not once but twice to get the hang of complete first week.

He then enters the house through Me TV and the housemates in the Bigg Boss house welcome him with claps and cheer. In his usual jovial mood, Salman Khan went on to pull the contestant’s leg and indulges in some funny and playful banters while also grilling them for possible wrong moves and their consequences. Generally, Salman’s choices are unpredictable, and it is interesting to see which contestant he chooses to question. This time, according to Salman Khan this one contestant has been a disappointment. He then asks everyone why is there someone who has spoilt his/her game and how she went on from taking a stand for herself and others at the start, became unsure of herself by the end of the week. He went on to say that while initially, she made an identity of herself with great confidence, she later started to search for approval from her inmates. From that moment on, everything started going downhill for her. He asked everyone to think through it seriously and guess the name of the contestant as he was also serious about the consequences, this inmate might face.

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While Paras Chabra named Shifali Bhaga, Salman Khan immediately uttered her name, Arti Singh. Arti Singh came under the radar as Salman went on to show a clip of Arti crying and admitting before Siddharth Dey how she hasn't been true to herself and that something is pulling her down. She clearly says that she is bogged down by the environment of the Bigg Boss House and cannot take a stand for herself when the need arises. During a short break, while contestants were in Bigg Boss house, Arti Singh was seen confessing to Shifali Bhaga, how she has been told to keep their family legacy in mind and not to keep her family name at stake while unknowingly has been not been true to herself.

Salman later talks about how everyone has a different and strong personality but when people start following the herd mentality unknowingly, they lose their identity. Looking at Arti Singh, he also gave examples of Krishna (Arti Singh’s brother) and Govinda(Arti Singh's uncle) who has unique personas. In the end, Salman Khan assures them of his presence at the end of every week to caution them of their moves and correct them whenever they are unsure of themselves.

Arti Singh did later accept her mistake and admitted in front of Salman Khan that she wanted him to correct her mistake and this was a piece of much-needed advice. Later Salman Khan bid everyone farewell and now he will be meeting them on Me-TV next weekend. Since the finale is in the coming three weeks, contestants are expected to make a strong impact within this short time period to make their place for themselves in the Bigg Boss House. Inmates who will make a strong impact in these 3 weeks' time will live for the next two months for the final reality television show.

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