Bigg Boss Season 13 Weekend Ka Vaar: Highlights Of The Third Week, Day 1
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Bigg Boss Season 13 Weekend Ka Vaar: Highlights Of The Third Week, Day 1

Bigg Boss Season 13, Rashami Desai, Mahira Sharma, and Asim Riaz are declared safe from elimination while Siddharth Shukla won power task in Weekend Ka Vaar

Bigg Boss Season 13, the third week has finally come to an end. Salman Khan is back with a bang on Weekend Ka Vaar with his song Just Love Me from the movie No Entry. The Dabangg star in his usual jovial style, tells the audience how power weekends have already begun. And the disagreements, fights, heated arguments that once usually started in 7 to 8th weeks, has already begun in the third week of Bigg Boss season 13. Within these three weeks, one can witness groups forming within the Bigg Boss house and contestants have actually become curious about the nature of the relationship between Sidharth Shukla and Rashami. How Shehnaz has become emotionally close to Paras but her mind bends towards Shukla for guidance and advice.

According to the host and dost of the show Salman khan, what happened between Arti Singh and Sidharth Dey during the eviction task led to Dey getting very embarrassed throughout the next day in the Bigg Boss. After showing the said clip, Salman entered the Bigg Boss house through “Me-Tv” and contestants welcomed him claps and cheers. He announces that not one but two contestants would be eliminated this week, one female and a male contestant.

On the basis of this week’s performance of the contestants, Salman pulled up those who decided to sabotage the ‘Ticket To Finale’ task even before it started. After the announcement, Salman asks Devoleena if there is any Housemate she thinks needs to learn how to talk to females in the Bigg Boss house. She immediately names Sidharth Dey and Salman calls him in the criminal box. Devoleena advises him to weigh his words while speaking to females in the house and reprimands on how he gave derogatory comments to Arti during the whole task. Salman also admonishes him for his inappropriate comments. Turning to Rashami, Salman questioned that while everyone was mad on Dey for his derogatory remarks during the task, why Rashami did took offense on Shukla. Rashami while expressing her opinion said that Shukla while giving his piece of mind to Dey for the offensive remarks, targeted her as well. To which Salman calls Shukla in a confession box and asks him whether he did offend Rashami by doing so, to which Shukla plainly refused.

The conversation turned into a heated argument when Rashami said that Shukla’s daily conversation is replete with rude comments and remarks. While Siddharth Dey made those derogatory remarks out of sheer pain during the task.To which everyone including Mahira, Sidharth Dey, Devoleena and Paras all stood and supported her. Shukla in response to the allegation said that he only reacts and responds in the same manner as he is spoken to. The futile argument ends in Salman telling Shukla and Rashami to mend their ways and not indulge in petty fights in the Bigg Boss House.

Salman connected to the caller of the week, who had questions for Paras Chhabra. He asked him why he talked about Sidharth Shukla behind his back and also revealed what he told to Devoleena about Shukla. The caller was not very pleased with Paras as he also pointed out how he had asked Rashami to play the woman card and use her tears. Paras couldn't give a satisfactory answer to the caller. The Weekend Ka Vaar guests were Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar who went inside the Bigg Boss house to promote their upcoming release Saand Ki Aankh. The two actors in awe of the interiors of the house and extremely excited to meet the housemates.

After taking a tour of the house and gushing about its interiors, Taapsee and Bhumi introduced a new task Saand ki Laat. For this task, each contestant had to take the name of another contestant who they thought should get on the rodeo bull and hoped to see them fall off it and give the reason the given name also. Mahira Chose Sidharth Shukla, RAshami chose Arti, Devoleena chose Abu Malik while Shefali wanted to see Rashami on the bull. Shehnaaz took Paras Chhabra's name.

Bidding the housemates goodbye, Taapsee and Bhumi join Salman Khan on the stage and talks about their upcoming movie. Salman later asks them to try their hand at a Hulahoop and in a barter, they ask him to do the iconic Dharmendra step on ‘Jat Yamla Pagla Deewana’.  The actors then proceed to showcase some sharpshooting skills and joined Salman in bursting some balloons with the air gun. The trio shares some fun anecdotes from their visit inside the Bigg Boss house.

Sidharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra were chosen for the Weekend Ka Vaar power task. Each housemate had to put a brick in the person's bag who in their opinion, didn't deserve to win. Shukla won the task as he got four bricks while Paras got five. Shukla got Shrikhand for winning the task.

At the end of Weekend Ka Vaar, Rashami Desai, Mahira Sharma, and Asim Riaz are announced safe by host Salman Khan. On the other hand, Paras Chhabra, Siddhartha Dey, and Abu Malik remain in danger zone. Salman made a final announcement that now he would meet the housemates on Monday as there will be no telecast of Bigg Boss 13 on Sunday.

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