Bigg Boss Season 13:  Salman Khan Tells Siddharth Dey and Paras Chhabra Off In Weekend Ka Vaar
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Salman Khan Tells Siddharth Dey and Paras Chhabra Off In Weekend Ka Vaar

Paras Chhabra, Siddharth Dey and Sidharth Shukla are at the receiving end of Salman Khan’s lecture this week as he grills them on their behavior

Bigg Boss season 13 continues to pull in viewers and it seems as though the housemates are becoming unusually riled up for only 3 weeks in the house.  Regardless, it is in the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes where contestants get some feedback from Salman Khan and audience encouragement from viewers.  Viewers also watch Weekend ka Vaar episodes with anticipation to see Salman’s reactions each week to the budding chaos in the house.   With high voltage drama in the house this week, read on to see how Salman handles it. 

Salman Khan makes his entry with “Just Love Me” (No Entry) and discusses the speed with which the season is moving and how quickly groups have been formed in the house.  He gives a quick recap of the week, discussing Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla’s feud, Shehnaaz Gill’s equation with Paras Chhabra and Sidharth Shukla and speaks about Siddharth Dey’s poor language during the task. 

Viewers are taken into the house to watch Siddharth Dey go on a hunger strike due to guilt after what happened in the task.  Arti Singh approaches him and asks him to please eat, saying that she cannot forgive him this easily and it will take time, but she does not want him to torture himself like this. 

Salman enters the house through the TV and viewers and contestants are drawn to the “khatgara” placed in the room, indicating that contestants will be interrogated in this episode.  Salman speaks to Devoleena Bhattacharjee, asking her about the comment she made earlier regarding how men in the house need to learn how to treat women.  He asks her which male contestant belongs in the khatgara – she names Siddharth Dey.  Devoleena tells Siddharth that he does not think before speaking or reacting.  Arti fills in the blanks, relaying what Siddharth Dey said and Siddharth apologizes, saying that he said them in a comedic way, but it came out wrong.  Salman tells him that as a writer, he should know what is appropriate to say. 

Salman then asks Rashami Desai why she chose to fight with Sidharth Shukla when half the house was angry with Siddharth Dey.  Rashami clarifies that Sidharth Shukla should have remained a neutral party in his position, but chose to attack Siddharth Dey while he was in a task and threatened him, which she did not agree with.  Sidharth Shukla states that Siddharth Dey knew what he was saying and thought it out before saying it, so he does not agree with him.  Siddharth Dey steps in here and clarifies that even though he has said things in anger a couple of times, Sidharth Shukla has no place to comment, because he misbehaves with the girls in the house on a daily basis.  Salman begins to question Sidharth Shukla about this and Mahira Sharma and Paras put some complaints forward about Sidharth’s behavior.  He clarifies that many people in the house are mishearing his words and misreading his behavior. 

An argument takes place between Rashami and Sidharth Shukla again as the two butt heads once again.  Rashami states that Sidharth manipulates his friends in the house.  As the two continue to fight, Salman questions Shehnaaz Gill about their equation and she states that she would like to see the two become friends.  However, as they both have an air of arrogance and each thinks they are right, it’s hard for her to bring them together.  Shehnaaz goes on to state that she likes their pairing together.  Salman Khan advises Rashami and Sidharth to clear their issues and move on, as the entire house is currently focused on their problems.

The caller of the week asks Paras why he attacks from behind the girls and tells Paras that he comes across as jealous in the way he talks about Sidharth Shukla.  Paras defends himself and replies that he always plays on the front-foot and tells people what he thinks, never getting involved in the problems of others.  Salman calls him out on his comment to Rashami, telling her to cry whenever Sidharth says anything in order to gain sympathy. 

Bhumi Pednekar and Taapsee Pannu enter the house to promote their film “Saand Ki Aankh.”  Abu Malik tells both girls they are very talented and they share a funny moment when Taapsee asks Abu to let go of her hand so they can move on.  The girls introduce a task called “Saand Ki Laat,” where contestants are asked to choose a housemate that they would want to be kicked by the bull and the reason.  That contestant will then sit on the bull.  Mahira Sharma takes Sidharth Shukla’s name and he sits on the bull and successfully stays on.  Shefali Bagga takes Rashami’s name.  Rashami then takes Arti Singh’s name.  Shehnaaz calls on Paras to ride the bull, who manages to stay on the entire time.  Devoleena takes Abu Malik’s name.  Asim Riaz takes Paras’s name.  The contestants dance to “Womaniya” from “Saand Ki Aankh” and the ladies leave the house to join Salman Khan on stage.

Salman asks the girls who their favorites are in the house. Bhumi chooses Sidharth Shukla while Taapsee chooses Shehnaaz.  The girls discuss their upcoming film with Salman and then play a shooting game on stage where they are asked to shoot balloons.  After shooting the balloons, they have to perform certain tasks given by Salman.  The girls dance with Salman Khan to “Jatt Yamla Pagla” on stage before leaving.

Salman re-enters the house on the TV.  The contestants are asked to choose the biggest sinner in the house.  Paras and Sidharth Shukla are asked to stand and the housemates are to put a block of wood in their bags.  The contestant with the lighter bag wins and will receive a power card.  With 4 votes as compared to Paras’s 4 votes, Sidharth Shukla wins and is given a power card. 

Mahira, Rashami and Asim Riaz are declared safe. While ordinarily, viewers wait until Sunday to see the elimination, it seems this week viewers will have to wait a day longer until Monday.  With only boys going home this week, it remains to be seen which two boys will leave the house on Monday.

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