Bigg Boss Season 13: Rashami Desai Opens Up On Sidharth Shukla
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Rashami Desai Opens Up On Sidharth Shukla

Bigg Boss is known to have interesting tasks and with the nominations, some interesting information was revealed regarding Rashmi and Siddharth

It has only been three days since the premiere of Bigg Boss season 13, but the contestants have already begun showing their true colors. While fights have already broken out several times between Paras Chhabra and Asim Riaz, Shehnaaz Gill and Shefali Bagga have also shown signs of discord. While Rashmi Desai and Siddharth Shukla have been showing hints of discomfort, the two have been seen overcoming their differences in the last two episodes, giving audiences an indication of a potential romance – especially considering the rumors involving the two outside of the house.  Further adding to the mix, there are also rumors of Siddharth Shukla dating Aarti Singh, rumors which have been circulating for several months outside the house.  However, in the October 1 episode, Rashmi further elaborated on her relationship with Siddharth.

In the nomination task, the girls were asked to give their “heart” (a pillow) to a male contestant who they felt they had the potential to have a connection with.  Paras Chhabra received the greatest number of hearts from 5 girls, including Rashmi.  This came across as unexpected, as many felt Rashmi would choose Siddharth considering their past history. Later in the garden, Rashmi discusses her decision with Paras and Aarti.  Rashmi explains that while she already has a connection with Siddharth, she took the process to mean forming a new connection with someone, which is why she chose Paras.  Paras chimes in, saying that he’s from the same industry so he knows what happened between Siddharth and Rashmi.  Rashmi looks surprised as he elaborates that the entire industry knows there was a big fight between the two.  Rashmi clarifies that even though she and Siddharth always fight and bicker, they are BFFs (Bed Friends) and he will always be there for her if she needs him.  Paras tells Rashmi that if she and Siddharth grow closer, their fans from Dil Se Dil Tak loved seeing them together as a married couple and will be happy.  Rashmi agrees and says that she will talk to Siddharth and explain the situation to him to make sure he isn’t upset. 

On day 3, in the October 2 episode, the Bigg Boss Hospital task is ongoing with the contestants split into 2 groups – the medical staff and patients.  Shehnaaz and Shefali target Aarti and Shehnaaz is seen taunting Aarti about her appearance, yelling that she spends 24 hours in front of the mirror and does she think she’s very beautiful?  They both go on to ridicule her appearance and her hair, saying she looks like a boy.  Shefali takes it a step further by asking Aarti outright about her rumored affair with Siddharth Shukla.  Both Aarti and Siddharth look shocked at this statement.  She then continues, asking whether Aarti moved past Siddharth and decided to go after her ex-husband once again.  Discussing the details of Aarti’s divorce, Shehnaaz chimes in with “Bachchay bhi the?” (Are there kids?).  The personal attacks and comments make Aarti emotional and she is seen wiping away tears. 

At present, it remains to be seen whether there is any truth to the rumors surrounding Aarti and Siddharth.  Will Rashmi and Siddharth grow closer now that they are stuck in the same house?  Let’s wait and see.  

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