Bigg Boss Season 13: Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla Fight Gets Heated

Bigg Boss Season 13: Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla Fight Gets Heated

When an argument breaks out in the kitchen in regards to rationing, things get ugly when Sidharth Shukla tells Rashami “Aukat mein raho.”

Bigg Boss season 13 has been a high-stress one since the first day itself with the first finale occurring after four weeks.  With less than three weeks left until that finale, contestants are putting their “best” forth to create a place for themselves in the household and to ensure that they are being seen on camera.  In yesterday’s episode, Bigg Boss had the contestants participate in a unique nomination task where each male contestant was asked to choose between two female contestants.  At the end of the task, Rashami Desai, Koena Mitra, Dilljiet Kaur and Shehnaaz Gill were chosen as the nominated contestants for the week. 

Tensions in the house have been high since the end of the nomination task.  With housemates already riled up and in an emotional state, the morning started off with hostility when an issue was brought up regarding rationing. Shehnaaz is seen telling Devoleena that rations are getting out of control and that she should only make rice.  Devoleena replies that rice, roti, daal is all being demanded, so she is making it all. Shehnaaz continues to protest and Devoleena says that Shehnaaz should then be present when the kitchen staff is deciding the menu for the day.  She clarifies that she will make rice for everyone and roti for everyone – at this point, Sidharth Shukla steps in and asks why she is making roti and rice for everyone?  Paras interjects and says that from now on, roti will be made one day and rice will be made one day to save rations. 

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Sidharth argues that he does not eat rice and will only eat roti.  At this point, Shehnaaz begins criticizing the amount of aata used in Devoleena’s roti, saying the aata will finish at this rate. Sidharth again steps in, saying that Devoleena needs to make the roti thinner and it doesn’t require any extra work to do so. Rashami tells Sidharth that they are not making roti, they are making parathas. Sidharth angrily replies that she does not have to teach him, he knows the difference. Rashami asks Sidharth to stop yelling and dragging a point and Sidharth tells her that she should do her job correctly. Shehnaaz tries to pull Sidharth away from the discussion, but he shakes her off as he continues to yell.  The fight reaches a point and Sidharth is heard saying “aukaat mein raho,” to which Rashmi swiftly replies “Aukaat ki baat nahin karna, tujhse to zyaada hai.” 

With Rashami Desai showing her vocal side and showing no sign of backing down, it will be interesting to see how this fight wraps up. While fans have been waiting for Sidharth and Rashami to grow closer, this seems like less of an option after today’s fight. Will Rashami and Sidharth make up or is this the start of a new feud in the house?  Time will tell.  

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