Bigg Boss Season 13: Nomination Task Leads To Fight Between Rashami Desai And Mahira Sharma
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Nomination Task Leads To Fight Between Rashami Desai And Mahira Sharma

In Bigg Boss season 13, the contestants participate in their first traditional nomination task, which results in a fight between Rashami Desai and her group

It’s true that it’s difficult to be a “lone player” in the Bigg Boss house.  And while contestants like Gautam Gulati have proved to be the exception to the rule, this is a norm in the game – housemates tend to form groups and travel in packs.  In Bigg Boss season 13, Rashami Desai, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma have been seen as a strong group of four – now with new players like Khesari Lal Yadav joining them.  However, with Arhaan Khan’s eviction this past weekend, the tides seem to be turning for Rashami Desai in the latest episode, pushed to survive in the house as a lone player.

The episode begins with the house rations arriving.  Mahira Sharma openly states that she’s storing two packets of milk so that there’s a backstock.  Despite saying it openly, Asim Riaz and Mahira get into a fight over hiding food.  Shehnaaz Gill brings some more of the stolen ration back into the kitchen.  Later, Himashi Khurrana finds herself in the line of fire for hiding a box of food as well and she defensively states that she took it in front of everyone and did not steal it.  The argument continues between several housemates before dying down.

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Bigg Boss Season 13: Nomination Task Leads To Fight Between Rashami Desai And Mahira SharmaThe contestants pull Khesari's leg after his new makeover 

Paras Chhabra is seen trimming Khesari Lal Yadav’s beard while trimming his own and Hindustani Bhau’s (Vikas Phatak) as well.  The three men show off their new look with Khesari’s look being praised.  Himanshi Khurrana jokingly whistles at Khesari and this sparks off a humorous discussion between Himanshi, Sidharth Shukla, Khesari and Bhau.  The trio tease Khesari, joking about a potential relationship with Himashi as Khesari desperately tries to explain that he’s married and his wife would not be okay with this talk.  The group is seen having fun.  Later, Bhau talks to Rashami Desai about Arhaan Khan’s exit and Rashami states that she’s feeling very alone.  Bhau tells her that Arhaan told him to take care of her and tells Rashami to appreciate him as he’s a good guy. 

The housemates are called for the nomination process and the nomination room is utilized for nominations for the first time in season 13.  The contestants are individually called into the room and asked to save two contestants of their choice.  Shefali Jariwala saves Himashi and Arti Singh, while Sidharth Shukla saves Asim and Shehnaaz.  Arti saves Shefali and Shehnaaz, while Rashami saves Devoleena and Bhau.  Asim saves Himanshi and Bhau, while Devoleena saves Rashami and Shefali.  Surprisingly, Shehnaaz saves Himanshi, which comes across as unexpected, and Paras Chhabra, which is also unexpected and almost shows Shehnaaz’s secret loyalties.  Himanshi Khurrana chooses to save Asim and Shefali, while Paras saves Mahira and Khesari.  Vishal ironically saves Shehnaaz and Mahira, two girls that do not get along.  Bhau saves Shefali and Himashi, while Mahira saves Paras and Vishal.  Last, Khesari chooses to save Mahira and Vishal. 

What’s ironic here is that several old housemates choose to save new housemates that have not been in the house for more than two weeks and this is not lost on Rashami after discovering Sidharth, Rashami, Devoleena, Arti and Khesari are the nominated contestants.  Upset after realizing neither Paras nor Mahira chose to save her, Rashami tells Mahira that she’s upset.  Paras tries to intervene, but Rashami turns her wrath towards him.  Later, Paras and Mahira are seen explaining themselves to Devoleena and Mahira makes it clear that she does not have loyalty towards Rashami nor has she ever. 

The housemates are given a task where the contestants have to fill their trunks while Devoleena and Shefali are assigned the role of thieves.  Shefali and Devoleena do their best to make the task entertaining, but the housemates later lock the two in the bathroom.  Devoleena shrieks to let them out as she is unable to breathe, but the contestants take some time so when they finally come out, Devoleena fights with the housemates.  At the end of the task, Shefali has the most stolen items and is declared the winner.  Bigg Boss congratulates Shefali and tells her that she will be a guest at a private party and is allowed to take five other contestants with her.  Shefali takes Sidharth, Arti, Asim, Himanshi and Bhau with her and the group heads outside and to celebrate.

With Rashami now slowly being isolated from her group, it seems Bigg Boss is trying to provoke her to come out of her shell and fight her way to the top.  Whether this tactic works remains to be seen.

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