Bigg Boss Season 13: Koena Mitra Unable to Escape Controversy in the Bigg Boss House
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Koena Mitra Unable to Escape Controversy in the Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss Season 13 is on its way and Koena Mitra has been unable to escape controversy this time around as well. Read details

Koena Mitra first caught attention with the item number Saaki Saaki in a Sanjay Dutt film Musafir. Everyone could not help noticing the sultry Koena Mitra with deep confidence and great moves. However, her days of glory did not last for long as Koena Mitra had to take a backseat. She had her infamous nose job in 2012 which changed everything for her. Koena Mitra was a classic case of the surgery gone bad as her nose bones started swelling. The surgery went so wrong that even the doctors had started losing their hope. She underwent four more surgeries to rectify the disastrous effects of her previous nose job. According to Koena Mitra, she took a hiatus because she was in Los Angeles for an acting project.

Koena Mitra opened up about her plastic surgery when the news of her becoming a part of the Bigg Boss started doing rounds. She was interviewed by various media houses about her absence and plastic surgery. In an interview to Bombay Times, Koena Mitra said that to err is human. She had made a mistake like all humans do. She told ‘Hindustan Times’ that plastic surgery is the worst kept secret of the film industry. She said that not only women but men also undergo the knife but no one talks about it. She said that plastic surgery was a part of her story and she did not want to hide it. According to Koena Mitra, only women are shamed for cosmetic surgery and enhancements unlike men who are not questioned when they have wrinkle-free faces and perfect thick hair even at the age of 60 and 50.

Koena Mitra has made her comeback by accepting to become a part of the Bigg Boss 13 house and stay locked in one house with strangers for three months. Things have not been going too well both for Koena Mitra and the people around her. Her life has been controversial on every level including the Bigg Boss house. She has often been seen entering into fights with the inmates. In the recent episode, she had an issue with Rashami who called her ‘didi.’ Although Rashami tried to explain her position telling that they were not laughing because she was nominated but because Devoleena was saved. But Koena did not believe Rashami.  Koena Mitra had also engaged gossiping about Asim with Dalljiet kaur. She said that everyone in the house was fake and Asim was an ungrateful man.

Koena Mitra has mostly been in trouble for one issue or the other. She had to spend six months in jail due to a cheque-bounce issue. Interstingly, Koena Mitra does not have an Instagram account and stays in touch with her fans through twitter only. She was caught in a Twitter fight with Nora Fatehi over the remix of her song ‘Saaki Saaki’ for Batla House.

Bigg Boss 13 started on September 29th, 2019. Starting from 2007, Bigg Boss has never failed to become better with time. People’s interest in this reality show has only increased with time. Salman Khan ‘s hosting is certainly one of the key factors that have added to the popularity of the show. But there is certainly more to it. Staying in one house for three months with strangers is even not imaginable for most of us. While one often thinks the stars working in this show are being paid hefty amounts just for living their daily lives, it is important to know that this is something almost impossible for even the common man.

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