Bigg Boss Season 13: Koena Mitra Says She Tried to be Real on the Show and Wanted to Set an Example for the Youth
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Koena Mitra Says She Tried to be Real on the Show and Wanted to Set an Example for the Youth

Koena Mitra was evicted from the Bigg Boss house on Sunday. Here’s what the actress said about her experience on the controversial reality show

Koena Mitra became the second contestant to be eliminated from Bigg Boss Season 13 on Sunday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode. The actress, in an interview with, has spoken about her experience on the controversial reality show. Responding to a question on who were the most difficult people among her housemates, she named Arti Singh, Shehnaaz Gill and Siddharth Dey, calling them “extremely fake and annoying.” She also said host Salman Khan’s behaviour had made “things very obvious” and so she wasn’t shocked when she was evicted from the house. She said Salman had been in favour of other contestants’ “wrong actions” such as Shehnaaz Gill openly mocking her work, appearance and acting skills. 

The Saki Saki actress said she realised that “nobody liked it” as people had been criticising Shehnaaz on Instagram and Twitter, questioning her credibility and asking who she was. She added, “They didn't even know of her existence before Bigg Boss 13. And there she is criticising my skill. I have done my share of work wherein I have represented India and will continue doing it. But someone like her who has done nothing in the house and Salman was still defending her. He called it as ‘fun and entertainment’. Believe me, except him, nobody is liking her act.”

Koena also questioned her eviction -- which happens as a result of public voting -- saying she was receiving a lot of love, affection and respect from fans. She revealed how people of all age groups had come up to her, when she stepped out of her house post-eviction, hugging her and telling her they were heartbroken because she had to leave the show. 

“My parents and I have the same question that mujhe evict kisne kiya?” she asked.

On her argument with Salman Khan, Koena said many people cannot “handle fearless, strong, opinionated, independent women” and quoted the actor, when he said to her, “For dignity there is another platform Koena.” She said, “So this means that Salman Khan gives an official statement that the show’s platform doesn't command and demand dignity. So, I think now the nation has to decide what they actually want to see. My only goal was 24 hours in front of the camera to set an example for our youth that in spite of being pulled down, you have to be yourself. If the show’s concept changes your behaviour and personality, that is not right….”

She said she agreed with Dalljiet Kaur -- the first contestant to be eliminated -- when the latter said Koena alone should have been evicted. Koena admitted she had “failed to make connections inside the house” because she wasn't there “to nurture their conflicts or reputation” and “was the only person who didn’t have any gang or groups.” Koena, who enjoyed less visibility on the show as compared to other contestants, posed a question for the show’s makers, asking them why they were focusing on unnecessary drama. She said she had tried to be her real and genuine self as it was a reality show and refused to “fit in that concept.”

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