Bigg Boss Season 13: Koena Mitra or Rashami Desai To Be Eliminated on the Show Tonight, Twitter Reacts

Bigg Boss Season 13: Koena Mitra or Rashami Desai To Be Eliminated on the Show Tonight, Twitter Reacts

Bigg Boss will say goodbye to one other contestant, either Koena Mitra or Rashami Desai, on tonight’s episode. Learn more about the evictions below.

Koena Mitra and Rashami Desai are among the four female contestants nominated for eviction on Bigg Boss during the second week of Season 13. The nominees were announced on Monday and a promo was aired a few days later announcing that there would be a double eviction from the house. While Dalljiet Kaur has already been evicted yesterday, much to the disappointment of her fans, and Shehnaaz Gill has been announced as safe, one of the remaining two nominees, Koena and Rashami, is expected to go home tonight. As per earlier reports and predictions, Koena was going to be the second contestant to be eliminated. However, this has not been confirmed and the actress is even expected to perform on her popular Saki Saki track on tonight’s episode.

The reality show -- despite several protests and call for ban due to its controversial content -- appears to be very popular with the audiences, as reflected by its high TRPs. The show’s 13th season premiered on 29th September with thirteen celebrity contestants locked in a specially designed house, where all their movements are recorded and aired on television via daily episodes aired on Colors TV.

The arguments between the housemates are the highlights of the show and contestants are eliminaed via a public voting process, which assesses their popularity with the audience. Currently Bigg Boss’ fans are fiercely picking sides and debating on who deserves to be eliminated first. Many fans have appreciated Koena for voicing her opinions openly on the show and don’t want to see her go so soon.

A Twitter user, Baby Driver (@MaheshShenoy12) was not happy with the results so far. He said, “I still cannot accept the fact that the film actress #KoenaMitra n the popular Guddan TV actress #DalljietKaur got less votes than the freaking nobody #ShehnaazGill ! There should be a RTI act against these fake votings! #BB13 #BiggBoss13 #WeekendKaVaar.”

Another fan of Koena Mitra, Smita Kohli (@smita_kohli) tweeted, “Im happy I supported you this season. You are graceful and didnt beg anyone to save you from nomination #KoenaMitra You are just so real and normal but #BiggBoss wants Saas Bahu drama But Im happy you came in #BB13 & I could know you. As a woman you inspired me @koenamitra.”

SwaHaa (@swa_hahaha) said, #KoenaMitra needs to stay as she takes a very dignified stand and knows how to play the game with respect.”

Rashami Desai has also been at the centre of the drama during the last two weeks. She has had an ugly spat and several arguments with contestant Siddharth Shukla since the first day of the show. Siddharth fans are not happy with her behaviour. Sids fan lol (@sidharthshuklaz) wrote,“#SidharthShukla tried to solve things between him and #RashamiDesai But she doesn't want to because she's SELFISH and FAKE. She talks so much crap about Sid behind his back for SCREENTIME but wants to act like the victim. #BiggBoss13 #bb13 #biggboss.” Meanwhile, Rashami’s supporters want her to stay on the show and are expecting her to be safe as she is an important part of Colors TV.

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