Bigg Boss Season 13: Koena Mitra Becomes the Second Contestant to Get Evicted from the Reality Show

Bigg Boss Season 13: Koena Mitra Becomes the Second Contestant to Get Evicted from the Reality Show

Bigg Boss Season 13 has bid farewell to two contestants: Dalljiet Kaur on Saturday and Koena Mitra on Sunday. Learn more about Koena’s eviction.

Actress Koena Mitra, of Saki Saki fame, has become the second contestant to leave the Bigg Boss house. Four of the 13 celebrity contestants, including Dalljiet, Koena, Rashami Desai and Shehnaaz Gill, had been nominated for eviction during the second week of their stay in the specially constructed house. Their fate was decided through tasks and challenges on the show, followed by online public voting. It was  also announced that there would be a double eviction this week and host Salman Khan first evicted actress Dalljiet Kaur during the episode aired on Saturday night. Shehnaaz was announced as safe leaving behind only Koena and Rashami as the choices for the second elimination.

As per early reports and predictions, it was expected that Koena would be sent home as Rashami was one of the more popular contestants and often at the centre of ongoing controversies, which are the highlights of the reality show. While many appreciated Koena when she took a stand on certain issues in the house, her arguments and conversations with other housemates did not manage to engage the audience as much as those of other contestants. However, some fans of Koena have accused Salman Khan of being biased and are disappointed with his behaviour towards the actress.

Right before her elimination, Koena complained to Salman about Shehnaaz’s behaviour, saying she was judgemental and made fun of everyone. However, Salman defended Shehnaaz and called her entertaining, but Koena responded by saying that mocking people wasn’t the same as being entertaining. 

A Twitter user, Nilesh (@NileshNish), defending Koena, said, “#ShehnaazGill mocked #KoenaMitra about her acting and her looks and @BeingSalmanKhan SAID NOTHING!!!!! I mean are we fools??? This sh*t is clearly biased. How can you comment on someone's looks?? You have no right to. This season would be biased and winner is also fixed.”

Another BB13 fan, Krutika BB13 (@RealKrutika) wrote, “#KoenaMitra's dance was the only saving grace for tonight's episode. Her moves are still bang on. Now that's called ENTERTAINMENT. Not what Shenaaz did. Agra me bhejo isko #BB13 #BiggBoss13.”

Nidhi (@Nidhii1908) tweeted, “It's irritating to see #ShehnazGill even for 30 sec. Don't know Who is liking her and from whom planet they came. Fakenss Double over Acting Salman Ye Salman wo Salman mujhe ye nahi aata Salman mujhe wo nahi aata. #WeekendKaVaarWithSalmanKhan #BB13.”

Kapilkumar Shinde (@KapilkumarShin1) was also angry with Salman Khan and wrote, “#ShehnazGill like really she is doing it she doesn't know. OMG!!! @BeingSalmanKhan u r supporting this crap. Like means u r also putting this on sake. Means much money u takes fr this is just for selling ur image. Much again love for #KoenaMitra.”

Prior to joining the show, Koena had revealed she was a “solo player” and was not sure about how she would survive living in a house with so many strangers. During an interview, she said, “That’s the biggest struggle for me, to stay with people who I don’t even know. Tasks are not an issue for me neither are the household chores. People might not know but we actors are also used to doing domestic work. So yes, it’s indeed going to be a challenge adjusting with people in the house.”

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