Bigg Boss Season 13: Is Arti Singh Being A Good Friend Or Interfering?
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Is Arti Singh Being A Good Friend Or Interfering?

Bigg Boss 13’s Arti Singh, is she being a good friend or just interfering for no reason? Here’s what’s been happening

Bigg Boss season 13 has many different kinds of people. From people like Rashami Desai who do not want to interfere in things that don’t concern her, to Paras Chhabra who is seen “playing a game” according to fellow contestants. And then there’s Arti Singh who is literally up in everyone’s business even though she claims she’s not bothered.

Arti Singh, who starred in popular television serial ‘Balika Vadhu’ and more, entered the Bigg Boss house with a big smile and a promise to be herself. She apparently wasn’t being her true self the first week and that is why she was quiet. She realized this a few hours before last weekend’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. Salman Khan also pointed out that she along with Rashami Desai, Mahira Sharma and Dalljiet Kaur were on a picnic in the house. Arti then decided that she is going to be herself.

Arti stood true to her word and started being visible in the house. She began putting forth her points. She even started being the messenger for Paras and Shehnaz when they fought, though it wasn’t necessary. It all began in the second week of her being in the house. Arti was seen having fights with Asim Riaz, Koena Mitra and Paras Chabbra.

Arti’s fight with Asim Riaz was about food, tea to be specific. Arti started raising her voice and talking to Asim, when he said that she was rude. Asim called her rude when she made a remark about Abu Malik eating from Asim and Sidharth Shukla’s plate. She ended up yelling at Asim for calling her rude and asked him to shut up multiple times when he was trying to explain how what she said was actually rude. He also pointed out that it was unnecessary that she was yelling when she could talk calmly.

The next on and off fight is with Koena Mitra. The fight started when Arti said she would throw Koena out of the running for the position of ‘Queen’ openly. Keona was upset when Arti put forth her reason for doing so. Arti mentioned that Koena switches who she’s supporting depending on whether she is nominated or not. Arti said that Koena doesn’t like both Shukla and Dey, and that she sorted things out after their fights when she knew she was nominated. The two began arguing and Keona asked her to check before saying things like that and so on.

Arti, recently, was seen fighting with her friend in the house, Paras Chabbra. The fight was over Shehnaz Gill. Arti was seen yelling that she did not want to get between their drama and that she was tired of being their messenger every time they fought. Paras immediately replied telling her that no one asked her to do so. Arti even openly announced that she doesn’t trust Paras and that he knew that from day one. Things have now settled down between the two but only time will tell.

On yesterday’s episode Arti tried to sort things out with Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai. She was seen talking to Shukla and asking him to control his anger and to sort things out with her if possible. She even mentioned to him that Rashami doesn’t talk about him to others, he also agreed, saying he doesn’t do that either. Arti was then seen talking to Rashami and assuring her that Sidharth doesn’t talk about her to the other housemates. She even mentioned that they should try and sort things out. Rashami immediately asked her why she is talking to her on Sidharth’s behalf. Rashami then mentioned that she rather talk to Shukla personally if there’s anything important or anything to sort out. Rashami, later in the night, spoke to Shukla and made it clear to him that she doesn’t want any third person to come and sort things out between them. Rashami made it a point to mention that Arti did it with good intentions but it was unnecessary. The two then decided to maintain a decent relationship with each other and only talk to each other if there was any problem, and not some third person.

We think, although Arti is doing it with good intentions, she still is interfering in things she shouldn’t. Today’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ will see Salman Khan addressing everything that happened this week and surprise the contestants with double elimination. The nominated contestants are Dalljiet Kaur, Rashami Desai, Koena Mitra and Shehnaz Gill.

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